David Johnston Verplanck to MVB, 14 December 1822

[David] J[ohnston] Verplanck to MVB, 14 December 1822

Dr Sir,

The contracts for supplying oil for the U States Light Houses &c are to be closed on the 20th. among the offers made is one from Mr. Blunt of this City. I understand that a consideration in making these contracts is the punctuality with which they are performed as well as the rate offered. And being acquainted with the Character of Mr Blunt at the request of a friend of his, I take the liberty to State to you that the duty if allotted to Mr Blunt would in my opinion be executed in the most satisfactory manner; what the offer of Blunt is with respect to terms I know not, but if they do not exclude the consideration of his fitness to comply with the Contract to the Satisfaction of the Government and your opinion expressed in his favour will be a favour to me, and may be safely given. Mr Blunt has been long engaged in nautical publications, and possesses facilities for the supply of the different Stations in the communications he necessarily has with different parts of the East and in the vessels employed by him for surveys &c which not enable him to perform the contract he offers for, but Subject him also to a double responsibility as his character and Standing and the value of his labour in the one vocation must be affected more or less by the fidelity with which he act in the other. We have nothing new here, our schisms are healing over altho' some proud flesh is doubtless covered in the operation which may produce partial ruptures, but I think we shall not have a new paper nor a new party for the present. Clay has some friends here and may find more.

With respect & esteem

Your obliged & humble St

J Verplanck

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