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B[enjamin] Knower to MVB, 4 March 1822

My Dear Sir,

I now embrace the first leisure moment to write to you I have had since I recd yours of the 18^th^ of last month, the perusal of which gave me great pleasure, the only alloy to the pleasure it gave, arose from the selfish idea that we should probably ^lose^ you altogether from this state, & the present confusion in the Republican ranks fully demonstrates the evils the party would suffer by such an event. If I had had any doubts that you did not regard me in a more favourable view then a mere political friend, the contents of that letter would have dissipated them. I have been in hopes (untill Duer shew me a letter from you a few days past) that you ^would^ have been prevail,d on to consent to be the Candidate for Gov at the ensuing election,

The Republican members of the Legislature have had a caucus to discuss the propriety of making an immediate nomination, & adjourn,d to meet again on the 8^th^ Sept, my only ^hope^ of a favourable result is that they will pospon[e] making the nomination untill next fall, not that I have any favorite proje[c]t in view, but that something may turn up that will be better ^then^ the nomination of either of the present prominent Candidates, who are Judge Gates Col Young & Nathan Santford. It is not necessary for me to point out to you, who is so well acquainted with all of them, the evils that would probably result by the election of either of them. I certainly should not look nor expect to see cherish,d that whole soul,d republican feeling, that I have confidently hop,d to see when the Republican party should again have a compleat assendency.

The members of the Legislature have set a part this day to take the oath to the new Constitution, the day was usherd in by the firing of Cannon & ringing of Bells, & the procession are now forming in conformity to an order of the Corperation to parade the Streets in honor of the day, I hope in God that five years hence we all may ^have^ as much reason to rejoice as now, but I must confess that I have my fears, as I think there is some great defects in the new Constitution, however time, the great umpire of all events will disclose whether my fears are well grounded or not.

At a County ^meeting^ a few days past, we passed a resolution requesting the members of the Senate & Assembly from this District & County, to use their endeavour to procure an alteration in the Constitution of the United States, so as to disquallify a member of either branch from accepting an office under the Government during the time for which they were elected, except a Minister to foreign powers, by calling the attention of the publisher to this feature of the Constitution, the appointment of the Post Master here, may do good, by procuring a very salutary amendment.

Whenever you have ^a^ leisure moment that you cant employ to more consequence, it would give me pleasure if you would devote it to writing a friendly line, to me, let me know the true state of affairs there, as we are strongly impressed with the Idea that the Republican party in the U States, are as we ^have^ been in this State betray,d & sold to the enemy. Dont always expect an answer as my private & publick avocations occupies so much of my time that I have hardly a moment that I can call my own.

I hope you will not leave Washington untill the affair of the Bank with the Government ^is settled^ as our Board of Directors place strong relyance in ^your^ bringing it to a satisfactory adjustment before your return.

I am sincerely your


B Knower

P.S. I have been requested by a Mrs Brown from Dutchess County to ask your aid in behalf of ^her^ Husband Wm Brown, in getting an Office for him, should the Bankrupt Law pass he wishes to be appointed a Commissioner for that District. I assur,d her that you ^was^ so Gallant a man, that it would ^be^ only necessary to mention that a Lady requested it, to insure your services.

Benjamin Knower to MVB, 4 March 1822Benjamin Knower to MVB, 4 March 1822Benjamin Knower to MVB, 4 March 1822Benjamin Knower to MVB, 4 March 1822Benjamin Knower to MVB, 4 March 1822Benjamin Knower to MVB, 4 March 1822Benjamin Knower to MVB, 4 March 1822
Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 4 (3 December 1821-31 December 1824)