Michael Ulshoeffer to MVB, 27 January 1822

M[ichael] Ulshoeffer to MVB, 27 January 1822


Dear Sir,

Enclosed is the draft proceedings of our meeting. You will perceive that the last resolution for a committee was withdrawn, in order to conciliate those who were against any proceedings. The first preamble & resolution was unanimous, the others with about 6 dissentors.

Notwithstanding the part I have acted in this affair, doubts exist in my mind as to the probable effects of the measures. But it is too late to think now. Your letter to Dudley undoubtedly induced most of us to pass these resolutions. The few here who are unfriendly to you, were opposed to our acting in the premises; and they more than hope that by some measure at Washington you will loose your present hold on the support of our party. You must take care to disappoint them in this: and it behoves us all, on the one hand, to maintain our party and principles vigorously, and on the other to cautiously avoid any thing like a war with the administration.

With respect to the presidency, we are very awkwardly situated. The western states will not support a southern man, and who have we to present? Adams will scarcly be our choice, and who else have we? If we do not present a good man, this and other states to the west, may locate on Clinton!

But you on whom the responsibility rests, must pursue a course that will lead to a republican president. That is all we want.

The resolutions of our meeting will be published in the next Argus.

You will have seen M. M. Noah's course respecting our proceedings here. Is this man mad? You know that he came near telling your Convention that he prorogued them, and he now wishes to dictate the whole policy of our party. No good will end his carreer.

I have nothing further to add

Very sincerely Yours

in haste

M: Ulshoeffer

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