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M[ichael] Ulshoeffer to MVB, 13 January 1822

Dear Sir,

You can form no idea of the indignation of our friends, at the appointment of V. Rensselaer. How flattering this is, as a governmental eulogium on the council of appointment! How encouraging to republicans, to adhere to their party! But I cannot say more on this subject. Let Return Jonathan Meigs receive the reward of his deeds hereafter. More than his predecessor will he be execrated by the party at present.

It is reported that you ^are^ all by the ears at washington on the subject of the presidency. And I must say, that the more I hear on that subject, the more am I induced to believe that delay will be advantageous. But if S. Carolina is to be our example, what say you to a caucus here, and let us make as much as we can of the matter? The reports that Mr. Crawford opposed the appointment of V. Renssr will make him many friends.

Every thing progresses here as usual. We gain ground fast. Bronson from Oneida has joined us, the two Jefferson members are firm as rocks on our side, and others will be with us before we adjourn. Indeed, all the remaining republicans on Clinton's side, are desirous of leaving him I believe. Mr. Ross of the Senate is here with his bride. She is but 20 years old. And he (going back many years) is again I believe a firm republican.

The Committee have done nothing respecting the mode of appointing presidential electors. What had better be done? Leave it where it is, or run the risk of reiterating a resolution in favor of a choice in seperate districts by the people?

Noah, of the advocate, appears determined to wage war. His attack on the Speaker is base and comtemptable, and will only injure himself.

We had a debate a few days ago on the report respecting the propriety answering the Governors speech. Our opponents made every effort to defeat it, but they did not succeed. This is the only time that Mr Clintons friends have ventured an opposition since our meeting. Upon the whole I think that we will be able to go through the present session, harmoniously and unitedly, and if we select a good candidate for governor, the state will republican for many years.

Sincerely Your friend

M: Ulshoeffer

Printed in Friedenberg, 77 (extract).

Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 4 (3 December 1821-31 December 1824)