Return Jonathan Meigs Jr. to Daniel D. Tompkins, Rufus King, and MVB, 4 January 1822

R[eturn] J[onathan] Meigs Jr. to D[aniel] D. Tompkins, Rufus King, and MVB, 4 January 1822

Gen. Post office


I have the Honor [to] state in reply to yours of this date that the President has not decided or directed in the Case of the expected Vacancy of the office of Post master at Albany. It is desirable that a new Post master should be appointed without much delay. If the President thinks proper to have the Appointment delayed, it will be so. The President this day refer'd me to the Secy of the navy upon ^whom^ I called, who informed me that He would communicate with me tomorrow.

Very respectfully

yr most ob svt

RJMeigs Jr

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Editorial Note:

Printed in King, Correspondence, 6:440-441.