Rufus King and MVB to Return Jonathan Meigs Jr., 3 January 1822

Rufus King and MVB to [Return Jonathan Meigs Jr.], 3 January 1822



We have been informed that it is in contemplation to vacate the office of deputy postmaster for the City of Albany. The importance of the Station not only to the Citizens of Albany (but from the circumstance of its being the principal distributing office in the State) to our Citizens generally induces us to request that we may be informed of the determination of your department before the vacancy is supplyed.

Our object is to secure a fit & full opportunity to all concerned to make their representations to you on the subject.

Will there be any objection to a compliance with our request?

Yours respectfully

R. King

M. VBuren

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In hand of MVB; Printed in King, Correspondence, 6:439.