MVB to Elisha Foote, 16 June 1821

MVB to Elisha Foote, 16 June 1821



Your letter announcing my nomination for the convention, by the Republican Delegates of the county of Otsego has been duly received. I have been frequently requested to permit my name to be offered for the support of our politic as a candidate for the office of delegate to the convention, in some one of the counties in which our Republican political friends constitute the majority: But believing that those applications proceeded chiefly from the partiality of friends & conscious that I had already participated largely in the favour of my fellow citizens I have hitherto thought proper to decline a compliance with the wishes which that have been expressed to me upon that subject. But Feeling however that I would be wanting in gratitude and failing in duty were I to refuse a nomination, made without solicitation & with the unanimity you mention and coming too from so imposing a quarter as the Republicans of the county of Otsego; you have my authority to say, that I regard as I ought the high honor confered upon me by the meeting of which you was a member & that should the electors of Otsego select me for their representative, they may rely on my best exertions to obtain such amendments of to the constitution as will best preserve the honour & promote the true interests of the State.

With respt. your

Obedient Servt




Dr Letter to Reps. of Otsego

June 16/21

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