Henry T. Jones to MVB, 19 January 1820

Henry T. Jones to MVB, 19 January 1820



I am informed that you declined signing the resolutions which were sent to Washington upon the subject of the Missouri question, upon the ground that you never authorised your name to be used as one of the Committee on that occasion.

Before any steps were taken on the subject I called upon you myself, to learn if you was willing to be one of that Committee; you replied that you was so much occupied, that you could not attend to it. I remarked that there was enough to do the business & that we only wished for your name—in answer to which you observed, that you had no objection to our making use of your name. If you have forgotten this conversation, Mr. Du[er] who was present, will undoubtedly be able to refresh your memory. I think that your refusal to sign your name should have been grounded upon other reasons, than want of authority to use it.

You must be sensible Sir, that I care nothing about this affair, any farther, than that it places me in an unpleasant situation, and I presume, in justice to me, you will retract the assertion, that you did not authorise the use of your name.

Respectfully your &c

Henry T. Jones

P.S. I should call on you, but you are so occupied, that it is difficult to find you disengaged.

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Also printed in Richmond (VA) Enquirer, 3 April 1835, p. 3.