MVB to George Tibbits, 28 December 1819

MVB to George Tibbits, 28 December 1819


I have learnt with great pleasure that you have wisely determined henceforward to Identify yourself with the Republicans of the State & union. I am persuaded you as this step in pre act is purely spontaneous & wholly ^un^influenced by political ^sinister^ considerations it is a step of which I am persuaded you will never have occasion to regret. You may for a season be somewhat annoyed by the complaint ^aspersion^ of old friends & the jealousies of new ones ^friends^, but these are of short duration a man of sense knows they are circumstances which will always exist & he treats them as such and is soon relieved from them. You & such of your friends as act with you need entertain no apprehension on the score of future differences of in opinion ^from us^ on abstract questions ^points^ There are no men on earth more willing to protect the freedom of opinion than those with whom I have the honor of acting There has no doubt in former times been much Intolerance exercised towards the members of the Republican party by ^some of^ its leading men but of that we can have no more, the fires of persecution have been extinguished & and the faggots thrown away since we have been deserted by those whose pleasure it ^made it their business^ was to light them.

Yours very sincerely



Dr Letter to

George Tibbits 1819

Decr. 28th. 1819.

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