MVB to Abraham A. Van Buren, 29 November 1819

MVB to Ab[raha]m A. V[an] Buren, 29 November 1819.

My dear Brother,

Since the receipt of yours I have been on a jaunt to the northward partly to see the canal & partly for other purposes as you will probably see by the papers. This ^has^ prevented my writing to you before & now I have nothing to say except, that we are all well & all feel the most lively solicitude for your health, that having the most unlimited confidence in your good sense & discretion, I approve of all you have done in regard to your Journey & have no doubt you will in the future prosecution of it pursue the wisest course under existing circumstances only enjoining you to let no Idea of expence interfere with your efforts to establish your health as long as you have no reason to believe that your drafts will exceed my means, which thank providence is not likely soon to be the case. Nor must you let this circumstance give you a moments uneasiness for I assure you solemnly that (although I deeply deplore the occasion of it) there can be no circumstance more gratefull to my feelings than to contribute to the comfort of a brother for whom I entertain so much affection. Mrs. Hoes, Jane, Christina Cantine Abrm John & Smith wish to be affectionately remembered to you. Give my best respects to Corns. he is truly an amicable young man. Write me as often as you possibly can & direct me where to write to you again. You are altogether wrong about the Secretary he does not understand as well how to be I civil as the V. President that is all the difference

Yours affectionately


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