Smith Thompson to MVB, 31 August 1819

Smith Thompson to MVB, August 31 1819

New York

My Dear Sir

I leave here for Washington tomorrow. Shall probably be gone nearly three weeks. I am very much embarrassed in my own mind how to manage about the District Judgeship. The applicants are numerous and most of them my particular friends. I believe I must give a faithful and impartial account of the several candidates to the President. I insisted he make any inquiry of me and leave him pretty much to himself on the subject. Will not this be fare and correct for me. It would be very natural for me to prefer Sutherland, and still my very high regard for you would make it strongly painful for me to oppose the appointment of Cantine. I am very much inclined to think the President will have a leaning towards Taylor. How is it understood that he stands now. Doctr. Van Denburgh who brought me a letter from you, a few days since, told me he was very decided since the late appointments I should like the President to be correctly informed respecting the several candidates. Let me hear from you at Washington.

Yours very Sincerely

Smith Thompson

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