MVB to Winfield Scott, 21 August 1819

MVB to [Winfield] Scott, 21 August 1819


My friend Mr Miller told me the other day that in a conversation with him you had mentioned ^suggested you regret^ that I had broken off the intimacy and friendly intercourse which heretofore subsisted between us or rather that it had been broken off. It is true that I have ^not^ had the pleasure of seeing you lately but it has been only because I have not knowingly been in ^your^ the neighbourhood of you and & I have felt it <due> ^<an> <risqued> <in Justice>^ to my own feelings to trouble you with this note to assure you that if for any reason you have indulged the Idea that my feelings ^towards you^ have undergone the least change you ought to dismiss it as erroneous and to request you to believe that I do now and always have cherished the strongest desire to be on terms of intimacy and friendship with you. However much others may be ex[h]alted by address and good fortune or you pursued by prejudice and calumny, I trust I will be the last who will forget what I had such opportunity of knowing that it was owing to your first and most distinguished example that we are indebted for those acts of heroism ^[. . .]^ which distinguished the campaign on the Western frontier—which covered our troops with honor at Lundy's lane and which in the result have tended so much to elevate our national character, and rembering it I flatter myself that it is not in my nature to be insensible to it ^entertain for their author other sentiments of than those of gratitude & respect^ I shall always be happy to hear from you and am as heretofore

Your friend



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Genl. Scott.

August. 21. 1819


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