John Duer to MVB, 27 March 1819

Jo[h]n Duer to MVB, 27 March 1819


Dear Sir,

Mr Wolcott has this day started for Albany with a petition for the pardon or commutation of the punishments of Conkling, Teed & Dunning, having our friend Teed alone to be executed. A <Permant> truce including a conditional petition for the pardon of Teed is in circulation, & will be sent from here by the mail of Wednesday <illegible>, & we trust that you will prevent any legislative proceedings on the subjects until its arrival.

What is the meaning of the vote in the assembly on the choice of a Canal Commissioner? & have Oakly & your friend the Colonel deserted the Clintonian <illegible>, & forsworn their allegiance to Van Ness? Or is it a mere proceeding in terrorem, with the <formidable> object of compelling the Council to act with expedition & <illegible>? Or think that a new Judge & Atty Genl. must be appointed & the fulfilment of the contract ^be^ delayed no longer? If you can pray <solve> the Middle.

Who are to be considered the regular Candidates for the Senate in this District? We take it for granted that <Fordam> is to be dropped & Dudley & More alone supported. If we are mistaken you will give us timely information. I have learned with great regret that it is the intention of the Federalists in Albany to nominate Van Vechten. Could it be hoped that his nomination would unite the votes of the Federalists throughout the District & thus cause the election of one of your Candidates? It might be expedient; but I am persuaded that such an expectation ought not to be indulged. The Swiss of Columbia, Grene Otsego & Chenango will give their undivided support to the Clintonian Candidates. The nomination of Van Vechten will have the effect of withdrawing from your Candidates the votes of those Federalists who are desirous of your success, & thus the defeat of all will be ensured. As for us (I include Wickham, Austin) we have decided on our course & shall adhere to that decision. We consider the Federal Party to be extinct & under existing circumstances have no wish for its revival. We have therefore joined frankly & without reserve the Republican Party friendly to the Genel. Administration & hostile to the State <illegible> & hold ourselves bound to give to the Candidate of that Party all our influence & support

With great esteem

Yours &c.

Jno Duer

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