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J[ames] Vanderpoel to MVB, 10 March 1819


An application of an extraordinary character was made to me yesterday, by your guardian friend, Col Abel King. He expressed himself with considerable indignation, & peremptorily demanded, that I should institute a suit against you. Aware myself of the egregious falsehoods that are continually circulated against men in your situation by the vile & disappointed, I positively declined any interference until I had stated his case to you, & learnt from you whether it is true or false. The gentleman to whom he has referred me, we both know, is respectable, and you must know whether he will corroborate the Cols. story.

He ^the Col^ says that you advised ^him^ in the presence of John King, to suffer his property to be sold upon executions, (are in your own favor) not to deduct from yours the amount of his bank stock & the <rmdr> upon the Executors of Leppet, for which you <avoid> <fines>, as those sums would at all events be saved, & for which you would be responsible, to suffer your execution to remain as large as possible, that you would purchase the property, ^& sell it,^ but of the avails pay the amount of all incumbences, & account to him for the residue. That you accordingly purchased the property, & sold it—And now refuse to render any account, or to pay him the money for his bank stock, or the <rmdr> upon Leppetts Executors—and that a large sum remains in your hands, beyond the incumbences.

The above is the substance of his complaint. I thought it my duty to apprise you of it, so that you might be aware of its consequences, and that you might enable ^me^ to refute the calumny, if the whole story is untrue. For believe me, he has already circulated it, to your prejudice—And it would afford me great pleasure to be enabled to contradict it.

I am Sir, with great respect,

Your very huble servt,

J. Vanderpoel

Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)