Smith Thompson to MVB, 3 November 1818

Smith Thompson to MVB, 3 November 1818


New York

My Dear Sir

The crisis in my destination has arrived I last evening received a letter from President offering me the place of Secretary of the Navy I have slept one night upon it. Thought upon it during the day. Resolved—doubted—Reresolved and doubted again. Am much in want, of grave, and prudent advisers. The very flattering manner in which the offer is made is very imposing. The only real difficulty in making up my mind grows out of the doubt about the Salary An answer is requested soon. And according to my present impressions I shall hazard an acceptance—and then trust to my friends to aid in obtaining an additional compensation. Who is to go on the Bench. I give you this early notice, that you may have an eye to this. Is there any probability that the Govr. would call the present council, if I should resign immediately. Have you made up your own mind on the subject—whether to take a seat on the Bench? If the presen[t] council will not be called, I think I shall not resign until I have gone through the sittings. Let me hear from you by next Boat. But let not the contents of this letter be known, as the one I have received from Washington is confidential.

Yours very Sincerely

Smith Thompson

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