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MVB to G[orham] A[kin] Worth, 19 March 181[7] 

My dear Worth, 

You must not for a moment think hard of my not writing you before, you know the State of my family when you left me, it has continued afflicted by sickness to nearly the same extent since. Mrs. VBun, John, & myself are better but to make up for it little Martin has been taken down by a fever with which he is yet confined to his mothers lap. For the first time since you left here I have made out to visit your family & am happy to find them all well. Lawrence says that Pa. is gone to ohio, but that he is to stay with Sicke. I have also paused a moment in the Directors room where I have so often enjoyed that heart felt pleasure & satisfaction which results from a free intercourse & exchange of sentiments with a conjoined spirit. <No>, fire—dust on the table the chairs standing in Directorial order & in all things dreary. I sighed o'er the recollection of time that I were past & after taking a pinch of Snuff out of the old Bottle hastened into the Bank to write you. The truth is that your loss is infinitely more painfull to me than I could have anticipated & If your prospects are not when you arrive at Ohio as flattering as your warmest wishes & expectations have promised, I wish you would return. In this however let not sound discretion which has always characterised your movemnts govern. As to Politics, I do not know what to say. Our Convention is on Tuesday next. When the question will be decided betwen Porter & Clinton, the result doubtfull, two nominations probable. The conduct of Clintons friends has been corrupt & disgracefull to an extent which sets credulity at defiance, but of those ^things^ more hereafter. [S]andford writes me that he has spoken to othe Senators & Representatives from Ohio & made their acquaintance with your merits &c. pursuant to a letter from me to that effect. Let me entreat you to write me often, very often & to bear with my seeming negligence untill I get out of this d___d fog of Politics & to believe that next to my wife & Children there are no human beings in whose welfare I take greater Interest that than you & yours.  


MVB misdated this letter as 1818. The convention he referenced, to decide the Republicans' gubernatorial preference for DeWitt Clinton or Peter Buell Porter as governor, was held on Tuesday, 25 March 1817.

Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)