MVB to Henry Rutgers, c1814-1820

MVB to [Henry] Rutgers, [c1814-1820]

from Mr. Betts.

my dear Sir,

I thank you for the message communicated by our mutual friend Mr Targee. It is a source of high gratification to me to find one of the first and earliest ^strongest^ pillars of the Republican party still firm on its base & prepared to sustain that large portion of the political edifice which has hitherto rested upon it. I sincerely hope you will not fail to promulgate your opinion on the present duty of Republicans as much ^widely^ as your advanced age & other duties will allow. They have heretofore been of great value to us & the present crisis calls for the united exertions of those to whom we have heretofore ^in times past^ looked for counsell. Sincerely hoping that you may be able once more to serve your country in the Character office of Elector & with the best wishes for your health & happiness I remain Dr Sir

Yours very affectionately



Dr Letter to

Col Rutgers

K to T

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