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DeWitt Clinton to MVB, 4 September 1812


This will be handed to you by Mr. Corlis of this City who goes in our behalf as a Witness He will prove satisfactorily all you want. The death of Walter Franklin his heirs &c and thereby enable you to sustain all your suits except those for the Hake Lots.

I send you the following deeds which I have procured from Dr Livingston and which are all he had to wit, a Deed from the Trustees of Dubois to Phillip Livingston and which is recorded. This I apprehend will be of no use to you but as the recitals will indicate the chain of title I have sent it on. You will please to return it by Mr. Corlis.

Also a deed from Edward Earl and William Denning two of the original Pattentees, General Henry Van Rensselaer near Albany is a Witness and after getting it proved and recorded in the Secretary’s Office you will please to return it to me.

Also a deed from Christian Folix, Robert Lonard Elias Bayley, John Carman, and Simon Groot five others of the original patentees. This is not proved, but perhaps Van Rensselaer and Oakhout will be able to furnish you with some of the Witnesses at Albany. You will also send it to me after doing all that can be done to have it proved.

Dr Livingston writes to me that he thinks he gave the release of Van Dam to Mr Obthout, You will apply to him for this and all they can furnish

The Power of Attorney to Young is not yet discovered, please to let me know what other documents besides it are now wanting to compleat the chains of title. Dr Livingston thinks that some have been recorded in the Clerks Office of this City. I shall cause diligent search to be made immediately and shall inform you of the result.

Under a view of all the circumstances of the case, I presume that you cannot bring the Hake suits to trial with any degree of safety and I therefore think that you had better postpone them by written agreement on the assurance of Mr Smith that in all probability an amicable settlement may be made.

I am yours with esteem

DeWitt Clinton

Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 2 (1 January 1812-16 February 1815)