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R[ichard] Riker to MVB, 21 July 1812

My dear Friend

I approve of your determination to be a Candidate for the office of Atty Genl although we shall all be removed. Your appointment will be another proof of the force of our party;& It will shew that we remain unbroken notwithstanding the hints of the Albany Republican & it will have a good effect even at Washington. Depend upon it we must not give up an inch of ground.

I need only add that I have spoken to our mutual Friend the Mayor. He will take pleasure to promote your wishes. I took the liberty to express our wishes ^inclinations^ in relation to you to F. A. Bloodgood who happened to be here. I have seen Mr. Gilbert. You will find him your Friend.

Most truly yours

R. Riker

<Slupe> VDurn 20  
Goffrey Gon 21 152
<Henry> Benn 22  
<Willre>— 24  
<Gose>— 25  
Bates— 26  
Th P Vosburgh— 28  
Field— 29  
<Fany> Clark—   153
<Gallob>—   154
M P Vosburgh—   156
<T.> Coffin—   157
<Seth> <Jilles>—   150
<Collers>—   154
Richard Riker to MVB, 21 July 1812Richard Riker to MVB, 21 July 1812
Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 2 (1 January 1812-16 February 1815)