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John C. Hogeboom to MVB, 30 January 1810.

Private Letter

My dear Sir

After Mr. Van Alen arrived at my house on Sunday evening, we sent for T.L Hogeboom who agreed to start the next morning before day for Hillsdale, and to meet Abraham & James at my house yesterday as early as possible. I wrote to Maj. Tanner, his conduct was highly honourable, and he signed the recommendation for Van Alen, Judge Soule, B. Williams, J. Lawrence did the like. H Jones was absent from home. James & Abraham came to my house about 12 OClock Tobias about two. After dinner, James & Abraham started for Chatham and Canaan where they no doubt will do well, if so, the recommendation will be very strong indeed.Last night I wrote Letters to every person that I thought I could have any effect on who probably could have any influence with the Council. This morning very early Tobias called at my house and took them and is going to Albany with James & Abraham what they will make out I know not, they certainly are very strongly fortified. I am very sorry that neither you or myself could have gone to Albany my health will not permit me and Mrs. Van Buren’s situation I understand prevents you. If it is possible to obtain the Appointment by the present Council it will be urged by them very strenuously, they are to take up Ja[. . .] L. H. to Albany with them.

Sincerely Yours

John C Hogeboom

John C. Hogeboom to MVB, 30 January 1810John C. Hogeboom to MVB, 30 January 1810John C. Hogeboom to MVB, 30 January 1810
Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 1 (5 December 1782-31 December 1811)