William Peter Van Ness to MVB, 11 November 1809

W[illiam] P[eter] Van Ness to MVB, 11 November 1809


It is proposed by the Travellers Turnpike Company, to lay out the road no farther this Fall than to my house. By the act we are required to commence operations within two years. The question now is whether laying out a part of the road only, and working a part, will be within the act. And it also requires a map to be filed of the rout as adopted by the Commissioners. Can a map of part be filed at one time, and a map of the remainder at another? At a meeting of the Company yesteday, I was instructed to obtain your opinion in writing on these points. Be so good therefore as to examine the general Turnpike law, and the charter of your Company and say whether we can lay out part of the road now, and work a part of it & lay out the remainder in the Spring, and how we shall file the maps, so as to comply with the law you will consider your opinion as officially asked by me as President of the Company to note your fee. 

Be so good as to return an answer by the bearer.

your friend &c

W P VanNess

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