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P[eter] V[an] Schaack to MVB, 28 October 1806


I have received your letter and shall pay due attention to the notice you have given me on behalf of the representatives of Robt. Vn. Deusen. The shares of the different proprietors representing the patentees will be liquidated in the course of this week. With respict to the share of the patentee Johannis Van Deusen, so far as one third of it is claimed by the representatives of his son, the late Johannis Vn. Deusen, shall be retained as a subject of litigation between them and the representatives of Robt. Van Deusen. The two thirds unquestionably belonging to the latter, shall be paid to them, as soon as their own interfering claims shall be adjusted, or rather if they will all Join in a receipt to me and my Co-Trustee. To prepare them for this and to prevent all unnecessary delay, I wrote to Esqr. V. Beuren the 20th. of this month, as I had done before to Peter R.V. Deusen; and I trust that you being employed in this business will greatly facilitate the completion of it. I will only add, that the subjects of difficulty between the different branches of Robt.s family are well understood by them, and that I have repeatedly apprised them, that these ought to be obviated before the business could be closed. 

Yr. obt servt.

P V Schaack

Peter Van Schaack to MVB, 28 October 1806Peter Van Schaack to MVB, 28 October 1806
Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 1 (5 December 1782-31 December 1811)