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(No. 4.)  This charter-party, indented, made, concluded, and agreed upon, this tenth day of May, in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-two, between James Noble, master and agent for the owners of the British barque or vessel called the Miriam and Jane, of Newcastle, of the burden of three hundred and twelve tons, or thereabouts, whereof James Noble is master, now lying in the port of... Continue Reading
(No. 3.) Tabasco, September 12, 1832. Sir: Will you do me the favor  to inform me whether you inquired into the cause of my late imprisonment; and if so, what were the reasons given for my being confined for upwards of a month without a trial. Respectfully, your obedient servant, D. GAHAGAN. To D. N. Pope, Esq., U. S. Consul for the port of Tabasco. September 12, 1832. My official duties were... Continue Reading
Dennis Gahagan, of the city of New York, being duly sworn, does depose and say: That he was at Tabasco from the time of the arrival at that place of the American steamboat Bellona, B. A. Bukup, master, until the month of July last; and that, to his certain knowledge, the steamboat Bellona, up to the time of her loss, never was sold or transferred at Tabasco, and that she never was Mexican... Continue Reading
The circumstances that have lately occurred, such as my confinement by no civil authority, and also the seizure of the schooner Consolation, and the imprisonment of Captain Johnson, without any excuse given for so doing, is, in my opinion, a matter of sufficient importance for you, as an American consul, to inquire into the reasons of, and I hope you will consider the same; for, as yet, I am... Continue Reading
The VICE PRESIDENT having announced the standing order to be the election of the standing committees, the Senate proceeded to that duty.
Sender: MVB
The VICE PRESIDENT laid before the Senate the memorial from the Government directors of the Bank of the United States; which, on motion of Mr. WEBSTER, was laid on the table, and ordered to be printed.
Sender: MVB
The VICE PRESIDENT also laid before the Senate a letter from the Secretary of the Navy, enclosing a report of the disbursement of the contingent fund for the Navy Department for the last year; which was laid on the table.
Sender: MVB
Her Majesty the Queen Regent, to whom I had the honor of reading the note which your excellency was pleased to address to me under date of the 8th of August last, has been much gratified by learning the amicable dispositions of the President of the United States, and the interest taken by him in the important question between Spain and her seceding colonies. In pursuance of her Majesty's orders,... Continue Reading
Sir: The multiplicity of business which the Department of State has been charged with since her Catholic Majesty the Queen Regent, was pleased to intrust me with that office, has prevented my giving an earlier reply to the several applications which your excellency, in pursuance of instructions from your Government, has made to me respecting the importance and expediency, to use your excellency's... Continue Reading
I have the honor to introduce to you the Chevalier Morelli, Neapolitan consul general in the United States. The chevalier proceeds to Mexico, by direction of his Government, for the purpose of endeavoring to obtain from the Mexican Government restitution of the property of the duke of Montelone. The Kind of the Two Sicilies has expressed a hope that the President of the United States would use... Continue Reading
Copies of letters containing charges of a serious nature, brought against you as consul of the United States, by Aaron Leggett, were transmitted, some time since, from this Department to Colonel Butler, who was instructed to make inquiry into the case, and report upon it; but no answer having arrived, I have caused duplicates to be sent to Colonel Butler, with renewed instructions to proceed in... Continue Reading
Sender: Louis McLane
Aaron Leggett, merchant, of this city, and to me well and personally known for many years, being by me duly affirmed, does depose and say: That the statements made in the preceding communication to Andrew Jackson, President of the United States, and signed by him, are true; and that the documents thereto annexed are true and faithful copies of the original in his possession, as they purport to be... Continue Reading
I have received yours of the 18th instant on the subject of a vice chancellor in the first circuit. Taking into consideration the present common law duties of the circuit judge, and the additional duty of hearing appeals from the surrogates in all cases of contested wills, both of real and personal estate, I am satisfied no individual can discharge those duties, and have any leisure to do the... Continue Reading
Recipient: George Washington Strong, Recipient: James I. Roosevelt Jr., Recipient: W.T. McCoun, Recipient: R. Sedgwick, Recipient: George F. Talman
We have recently been appointed a committee of the New York law institute, which is composed of all the principal members of the bar of this city, to take such steps as may be thought necessary towards procuring the passage of a law for the appointment of a vice-chancellor to reside here. We have it in contemplation to present the subject to his excellency the governor, as we deem it a matter of... Continue Reading
The name of Mr. Van Buren was twice erroneously used, instead of that of Mr. Berrien, in the Senate proceedings of Thursday. It should have been stated, that Mr. Berrien made the report in the case of Mr. Bateman, &c.
Sender: MVB


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