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MARTIN VAN BUREN having insulted me in Court, and upon application, having refused me the satisfaction due to a gentleman,—I publish him to the world, a Liar, and a Coward.
Sender: John Sudam
This is an action for the publication of a libel, brought against the defendant in the Supreme Court. The declaration is in the usual form, stating the libel, preceding It by appropriate recitals, and accompanying it with the innuendoes necessary to its application; to which the defendant pleaded specially, averring certain facts, and relying on them, when proved, as a justification of the libel... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
The jury, by their special verdict, found, that on the 12th of August, 1811, Barry “did go without the limits, to wit, into the enclosure of one Henry Vrooman, which was formerly included within the liberties of the gaol; but by a subsequent survey, (made, however, before the execution of the bond, on which the suit was brought,) one part of the said enclosure, which had been separated by a fence... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
I have had the honor to receive your letter, written in behalf of the Indiana Democratic State Convention, and asking my views and opinions in relation, 1st, to the chartering of a National Bank, or any other national institution. by whatever name it may be called, authorised to issue bills of credit for banking purposes or to regulate exchanges, and of the constitutionality and expediency of... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
ARGUS OFFICE, ALBANY, APRIL 23, 1823. AT a meeting of the Republican Members of both branches of the Legislature of the State of New-York, held at the Assembly Chamber in the city of Albany, on the 22d day of April, 1823. The Hon. WALTER BOWNE, of the Senate, was called to the Chair, and JAMES MULLETT, Jun. Esq. of the Assembly, appointed Secretary. On motion of the Lieutenant-Governor, it was... Continue Reading
I have bestowed on your communication the attentive consideration which is due to the opinions, wishes, and interests of the respectable portion of my fellow citizens in whose behalf you act. In the correctness of the judgment which, in the exercise of an undoubted right you have, in such general terms, pronounced upon particular points in the policy of the late and present administrations, you... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
I had the pleasure to receive your letter of 9th inst. in which you desire to be informed of the terms on which I am willing to compromise with the state for my claim on the lands in which Roger Morris and his wife had a life estate. In 1813, or 1814, a similar application was made to me by the commissioners then appointed by the hon. the Legislature of this state, when I offered to compromise... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB, Recipient: Thomas Jackson Oakley
The attorney-general and comptroller, to whom was referred the petition of William Giles, reported as follows, to wit: That it appears, the petitioner became the purchaser, in the year 1809, of the lots of land mentioned by him—that at the time of the purchase he paid 36 dollars, and gave his bonds to secure the payment of 260 dollars, the residue of said consideration, and that he has since paid... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
Mr. Van Buren. As this proposition is now for the first time submitted, the committee had better rise and report; that is, if any gentleman wishes to speak. He did not, however, make a motion; and The question was taken on the amendment offered by Mr. Tompkins, and it was negatived without a division.
Sender: MVB
RICHMOND, JUNE 8, 1821. for the enquirer. ON THE LOTTERY DECISION.  no. 5.  To the People of the United States. In order to elude the force of the eleventh amendment to the constitution, fellow-citizens, the court is pleased to advert to, what it terms a "part of our history." That history does not justify the assertion that "all the states were greatly indebted" at the time of adopting that... Continue Reading
I HAVE recently observed in the Albany Gazette, your objections, as a member of the Council of Revision, to several of the laws passed at the last session of the Legislature. Understanding that the laws, to which you have objected with so much zeal and sensibility, passed the Senate with the approbation of about three-fourths of the members, and the House of Assembly with nearly two-thirds, and... Continue Reading
Sender: Samuel Young
Recipient: James Kent
A communication from the Surveyor-General and Attorney-General was read, and is in the words following, to wit: The Surveyor-General and Attorney-General, on the petitions of Robert M'Queen, and of John M'Donald and Archibald M'Intyre, respectfully report—That from the papers submitted to them on behalf of the petitioners, they are satisfied that the petitioners purchased the premises mentioned... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
The enlightened view which the Senate has taken of the great events which have lately transpired, and of their probable influence upon the interest and destiny of the United States, displays wisdom and patriotism, worthy of that dignified body. Their favorable notice of my official conduct in the recent emergency, receives the most respectful acknowledgments; & a continuance of their... Continue Reading
Recipient: New York Senate
The attorney-general and comptroller, to whom was referred the memorial ofJohn Ballard and Asahel Minor, reported as follows, to wit: That it appears that the petitioners purchased of the state a lot of land, as stated in their petition, and that a judgment has been obtained against them for the purchase monies due, and interest. The petitioners state, that they sold the land and transfered the... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
AN ACT to encourage Privateering Associations. WHEREAS a barbarous warfare on our coast and frontiers, by pillage and conflagration, is carried on by the enemy, and a determination is avowed, to lay waste our cities and habitations, and make a common ruin of both public and private property, to the usages of civilized warfare: Wherefore, it has become expedient and necessary, that the Legislature... Continue Reading


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