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A signed manuscript letter not in the author's handwriting.

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You are deserted. Ritchie, Roane, & Stevenson are all out against you on the Texas question; positively, openly, and unequivocally against you. Arrangements are now, at this very hour, being made to take up some other candidate, and of this be assured if there be a God in Heaven.
Recipient: MVB
Sir Joseph de Courcy Laffan, who has been introduced to me as an English gentleman of great respectability; and professing much personal merit, proposes to spend a few days at Washington during the Extra Session. He visits us with liberal friendly feelings, and is sincerely desirous of understanding our Country and its institutions in their true character. His friend has asked letters of... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
Recipient: Levi Woodbury
The "long agony is over & the Bourbons are not restored." Notwithstanding the strong public indications of dissatisfaction with the conduct of the Gov. the opposition came on the ground entirely confident of success. A deliberate plan to overawe the Legislature has been formed & to carry it into effect every species of violence & intrigue has been resorted to. Individuals were... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
Recipient: Samuel Smith
I have Mr. Hoyts letter saying that the Mechanics and Farmers Bank declined receiving the <Western> Notes, met you a few days past without an allowance of 1/2 p cent, it is my wish for them to be deposited on account of the arrangement proposed, for the redemption of the W. & W. Banks notes with this view.  I herewith hand you a further sum of $64850 all these deposits I leave subject... Continue Reading
I am informed that the Troy Waterford & Lansingburgh Banks, take at par the ordinary notes of the W. & W. Bank & that the Albany Banks have it in contemplation to do the same, please confer with them all & know on what terms they will keep on acct with the Exchange Bank to exchange once in each month or oftener I will agree to receive at par all the W. & W. they may take... Continue Reading
Your letter dated 12 Inst. informing me, That my Bond given as Collateral Security for the payment of the amount due on the Bond & Mortgage of Benjamin Bowen, has been left with the Attorney Genl. for Collection and that he wishes to know what arrangement will be made with regard to it, has been duly Received. For the information of Mr. Okely the Atto. Genl. I observe, that the Mortgage in... Continue Reading
I have this day drawn on you Saml. N. <Brash> for $600 & Saml I. Babbatt for $247 payable in Washington & Warren Bank notes. The holders of these Bills are to wait for payment until you receive the notes. I have requested Mr. Abbott to send you $5000. Will you do me the favor to receive them and hold them subject to my orders as it frequently happens that I can discount for persons... Continue Reading
You will see by the resolutions of the <Grocers> that they have followed the example of the friends of private Banking in speaking a bold language to their Delegates. So that in case of need we can unite a very strong interest. I have before informed you the result of the meeting opposed to private Banking. Not satisfied with their discomfiture on that occasion they called a second meeting... Continue Reading
The resolution of the Legislature of NewYork, which you were charged to transmit to me, expressive of their gratitude to my^self^ & my brave associates in arms, for the preservation of New Orleans, was received in due time; but a multiplicity of engagements prevented me from acknowledging its receipt, sooner. For myself, & for my associates, I beg to return the most sincere thanks for the... Continue Reading
A Continuance of Severe indisposition obliges me to address you thro' the means of an amanuensis. As attorney General I do hereby authorise you to institute and prosecute in the name of the people and on their title one or two Suits in Ejectment in the Supreme Court for any or parts (which to you may seem best) of the gore or Supposed gore in the County of Columbia between the Livingston and Van... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
Your note formerly discounted at the Bank of Hudson (indorsed by John C Hogeboom) has been left at our Office, as the Attornies for the Bank, for collection. It is an established regulation of the Bank, not to commence a suit against any of the Directors, of course Mr. Hogeboom cannot be sued as Indorser, & we can only proceed against you alone. We trust on the receipt of this you will make... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
I write you at the instance of the Court convened here for the trial of General Hull, to obtain your advice as to some points arising from the present and probably future state of the Court as to the number of its Members. The Court when organized, consisted of fourteen Members; Viz: thirteen sitting Members, and one Supernumerary, (Col: Forbes.) After the cause on the part of the U. States was... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
The friends of the Vice President deem the publication of the correspondence I have referred to, important, but he feels a delicacy to permit its publication without your consent. To meet the circumstance of your not having the letters in your possession, I take the liberty of enclosing copies which have been taken from the Vice President's letter book. I am fully aware, Sir, of your aversion to... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
Recipient: James Madison
It is concluded upon, to hold at this place on the 5th day of September next, a Grand Mass Meeting of the Democracy of the Eastern Counties of Pennsylvania, for the purpose of forwarding the great principles of Republican Freedom as advocated by the Democratic Party. Our meeting cannot fail to be one of the largest Kind, and it gives us sincere pleasure personally, and upon the behalf of those... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
We have been appointed to address you on behalf of the Executive Committee of the Democratic citizens of the City and County of Philadelphia who are in favour of your nomination as the Democratic candidate for the Presidency and to transmit you a copy of an address which they have lately prepared for circulation among the people of the United States. In performing this duty confided to us by our... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB


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