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As Dr. Butler has no particular objection to a detention of a day or two at Poughkeepsie, I have concluded it safest for you to examine the evidences of his title to the lands he proposes mortgaging to the State to secure his Lottery debt. If you approve of the title and of the form of the Mortgage, he may with his wife execute it and then refer it to me, when I will transmit him his Note. The ... Continue Reading
I regret exceedingly that it is not in my power to visit Albany. I think the legislature will not adjourn so soon as the 14th & that I shall be enabled to visit there before they adjourn. If not I hope they will extend the period of exemption for the Exchange Bank to 10 years or not pass the Bill but if it should be passed I must rely upon my good behavior to entitle me to an act of... Continue Reading
Under the embarrassed state of the demand of the State agt. the Ulster Old Loan Offices & the defects of the law in relation to them, I think upon mature reflection that the most advisable course will be to call them to account under your general power as comptroller & after the extent of the deficiency is ascertained either to apply to the Supreme Court for a mandamus to the Supervisors... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
Your letter of the 16th I have but just received. Whether it came by the evening Boat, or whether it has been in the Post Office since Sunday I am unable to say. I inquired there on that day immediately after the arrival of the Steam Boat, but was told that no letter was received for me. It gave me much pain. Some because it convinced me that (for a time at least) you had less confidence in my... Continue Reading
Knowing on Friday that there would be no Boat the next day, and not having time to write for the land mail, which closes early in the evening, I was under the necessity of deferring my accustomed visit till this evening. And it seems to me more proper & appropriate than any other evening in the week for such duties. Sunday evening in every age has been sacred to love. Then, if you have ever... Continue Reading
You are the dearest & best girl in the world. I did not expect a letter to day. I hardly thought of enquiring at the Post Office. Judge how agreeably I must have been disappointed. I am not quite as happy as you suppose, for as the vessell with the furniture from New York has not yet arrived. Mr. Van Buren has not sent for his wife & children. We expect it momently. I am yet at Mrs.... Continue Reading
I recd. a letter from you a few days since enquiring for the executions issued by the People. vs. David Lawrance—& Abm Marsh. I have to state that these executions came to hand as stated in your letter—the first I understand is collected it being in the hands of one of My Depys—the other I can return Nulla Bona, if you direct, Mr. Marsh says he will pay the amt. by the first Jany Next. I... Continue Reading
Sender: Unknown
Recipient: MVB
I presume that by this time you are safely restored to your own home, and by tomorrow I calculate to receive a letter written at the office, a place which in days of yore was the seat of legal information, but has now become the court of the <muses> & the retirement of love. The complaints of the client are exchanged for those of a "fond believing, love sick maid" and instead of... Continue Reading
I cheerfully fulfil the promise I made to you in our last conversation to to state frankly and unreservedly what I beleive to be the state of public opinion in regard to the administration of Mr Van Buren among the Democracy of Pennsylvania. I have recently as you are aware visited various quarters of the State and seen and conversed with leading democrats from at least two thirds of the counties... Continue Reading
Sender: Unknown
I stopped on my way up & spent part of ^the next^ Sunday & Monday after I left you, with the Surrogate. He promised to send you the money of which you spoke to me & which I never have had. He has probably attended to the matter before this. If you head up in this month, I shall hardly be able to come down to Washn. so soon as the 30th. My arm still continues very sore, but I trust,... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
I recd. your letter last Eveng whilst on the wing for this place. In that spirit of entire candour which has hitherto ^& ever shall^ distinguished, ^& ever shall^ our intercourse I must say to you that it has caused me not a considerable embarrassment, and not a little pain. If any honest and unbiased Democrat in the U. States was ^had been^ asked in view of the ^circumstances^ of the... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
I ought to find space to add that the Texas letter, in my judgment, fully & more than ever justifies the satisfied confidence with which our people shrug their shoulders, give a knowing look, & tell the Whigs to ask you as many questions as they please Perhaps they do not consider that what is so safe for them may not be to all others the most easy or agreeable thing in the world.... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
I stoped yesterday evening at Col. Johnsons watering establishment and remained until to-day. The old gentleman seems to enjoy the business of Tavern Keeping as well as any host I ever stopped with, and is as bustling a landlord as the most fastidious traveller could wish. The example of Cincinnatus laying down his public honors and returning to his plough should no longer be quoted as worthy of... Continue Reading
Recipient: Amos Kendall
Mr. Fisk having urged me to write something for the antient Dominion the enclosed was hastily composed from ^after^ my last communication with you—I hope it is not too personal either in applause or disparagement of the respective persons named. This <illegible> as I said to you affords canvass enough for a large and striking picture if it were not <erring> to indulge in that sort of... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
Your letter of the 8th covering one from, Mr Forsythe to you, has been recd. I can have no objections to <recind> all promises made or conversations held with Mr Forsyth on the subject of the mission to Rusia. Mr Buchannan intends to return this fall, and on his return ^arrival^, it will be time enough to select his successor, when he will think of Mr Forsyth. I have just recd. a letter... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB


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