MVB Senate remarks on Panama mission, 7 February 1826

MVB Senate remarks on Panama mission, 7 February 1826


Mr. VAN BUREN, of New York, submitted the following resolutions:

Resolved, That, upon the question whether the United States shall be represented in the Congress of Panama, the Senate ought to act with open doors; unless it shall appear that the publication of documents, necessary to be referred to in debate, will be prejudicial to existing negotiations.

Resolved, That the President be respectfully requested to inform the Senate whether such objection exists to the publication of the documents communicated by the Executive, or any portion of them; and, if so, to specify the parts, the publication of which would, for that reason, be objectionable.

On the question to agree thereto–

It was determined in the affirmative–yeas 23, nays 20.

The yeas and nays being desired by one-fifth of the Senators present, those who voted in the affirmative, are,

Messrs. Benton, Berrien, Branch, Chandler, Cobb, Dickerson, Eaton, Ellis, Harrison, Hayne, Hendricks, Holmes, Johnson, of Ky. Kane, King, Macon, Randolph, Rowan, Ruggles, Van Buren, White, Williams, Woodbury.–23.

Those who voted in the negative, are,

Messrs. Barton, Bell, Bouligny, Chase, Clayton, Edwards, Findlay, Johnston, of Lou. Knight, Lloyd, McIlvaine, Marks, Mills, Noble, Robbins, Sanford, Seymour, Thomas, Van Dyke, Willey.–20.

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