Montague Collection (NN)

Montague Collection of Historical Autographs ca. 1600-1900 "consists of letters and documents with the autographs of American, British and other European figures including statesmen, politicians, artists, scientists, and legal, literary and royal figures. Also, some carte-de-visite photographs of prominent individuals." Partially digitized.

Documents in this Collection:

I have written to Mr Addison Porter on the subject of your letters. The ground is in a great degree preoccupied but not absolutely so. I will do him all the service I consistently can & have written particularly the state of things and advised which was left to be done. I have a sincere regard for Addison & his Father & would be happy to have it in my power to serve them. We know but... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
Recipient: John C. Hogeboom
I had anticipated the contents of your letter, in consequence of being called on in relation to the writs in Newyork, although it would have been most proper in a case of such consequence to have exercised more than ordinary care & circumspection still the mistake is one to which all would be subject & which Justly considered should neither be the cause of censure or self-reproach, a bona... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
Nov 5th 1819 To balance thus due on Bond & Mortgage  $1109..25   To Int on $1000 as pr against from 5 Novr. 1819 to 5th May 1825 385..00 Not Settled, To Note Sepr 1st 1824 210.00   Inst till May 1st 1825 12.25   By <Boston> necessary $1716.50        894.81     $821.69 Lawrence V.Buren acct. $1716.50
Recipient: MVB