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I have great pleasure in sending this <by> my friend Mr Butler, who goes to Washington to join the Cabinet in obedience to the kind wishes of the President, & as I was happy to learn with your concurrence. As I know how large a share my personal wishes have had in influencing Mr Butler, to remove a conclusion he had heretofore come to in regard to taking office, I am very anxious that... Continue Reading
Sender/Author: MVB
You will not probably have forgotton, that some 18 or 20 Years ago, an application was made to the Legislature of this State, by some friends of the underwritten for compensation for his services during the Revolutionary War, in which he was for more than 5 Years engaged in various laborious and hazardous duty and performed services of more importance than fell to the lot of any man, in the army... Continue Reading
Sender/Author: Aaron Burr
Recipient: MVB