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Messrs Randolph & Clay have fought a duel this afternoon in the neighbourhood of this City. There are a thousand different reports about Town as to the particulars & I have no doubt you will <hear> as many more. Dr. Hunt the surgeon who went out with Mr. Clay says that both parties behaved well &c. &c. All that we certainly know is that at the first fire neither party was... Continue Reading
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Mr Van Buren presents his compliments to Miss Sarah & is happy to have it in his power to comply with her wishes.
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The middle district will uneqivocally elect its senators & give Tompkins near a from 500 to 1000 majority. The <South^ern^> is some what doubtfill but will I am persuaded give us a small majority. We entertain full confidence of the success of the greatest part of our Ticket in Nyork. Dutchess will do well, Columbia as usual very little dissention, a good spirit afoot. Will you be so... Continue Reading
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I take the liberty to enclose the statements of a claim in favour of the owners of the Brig Splendid, on the Mexican government, for the forcible detention and use of their vessel in the transportation of troops and munitions of war from Vera Cruz to Tampico, during the Spanish invasion of the Mexican territory in 1829. The Captains affidavit accompanies the claim. I request in behalf of the... Continue Reading
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