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We have examined a map of the state of New-York, including the upper part of the state of Pennsylvania, published by Mr. AMOS LAY, and it appears to us to be accurate, and to contain all the counties up to this time correctly designated, and to be well worthy of public patronage.
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TO THE ELECTORS OF THE STATE OF NEW-YORK. Fellow Citizens, You will soon be called upon to select a suitable person for the office of Chief Magistrate of this state. The happiness of the people depends so much on the character and conduct of their rulers, that it is an all incumbent duty which they owe to themselves, to their country, and to posterity, to adopt the utmost deliberation, and to... Continue Reading
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Mr. Van Beuren, in behalf of the prosecution, said, the case was so clear, and the testimony so explicit, that he would detain the Court but a few moments. Mr. Van Beuren objected to the inferences drawn by the opposite counsel, from circumstances which the witnesses had related. He took a brief and perspicuous view of all the testimony, and although he appeared unable to restrain feelings of... Continue Reading
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At a meeting of republican delegates from the several towns in the county of Columbia, held at the house of Jacob I. Harder, in the town of Claverack, on the 15th of April, 1811,  Gen. Samuel Ten Broeck, in the Chair, Martin Van Buren, Secretary; The proceedings of the meetings nominating the several candidates for the office of lieutenant-governor, being read and considered, it was on motion... Continue Reading
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From the Albany Register. DE WITT CLINTON, and the GREAT WESTERN CANAL. FALKLAND, to the Hon. MARTIN VAN BUREN. Sir—I hope you will pardon me, when I ascribe to you the late article in the Albany Argus signed "CRASSUS." The object of that letter, is nothing more nor less, than to separate De Witt Clinton and the great western canal. This stupendous undertaking that confers so much lustre upon... Continue Reading
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