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At a period when we have just emerged from a bloody but succe[ss]ful and glorious struggle for national hono[r] and existence, an opportunity presents itself to express our gratitude for services rendered in that contest; and to proclaim to the world by our suffrages, that is the calm of peace we are not unmindful of the Statesman who was the shield of his country in the storm of war. In DANIEL D... Continue Reading
Sender/Author: MVB, Sender/Author: Perley Keyes, Sender/Author: William Christian Bouck, Sender/Author: Peter Robert Livingston
You will recollect, that last fall, or in the beginning of winter, you proposed that Mr. CLINTON should be sent abroad as Minister to England or some other foreign embassy. If he was worthy in your estimation, of so important a trust, requiring the purest integrity, as well as the most profound diplomatic talents, how will your partizans be made to believe that he is not worthy the office of... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
It has long been my intention to retire from the cares and sacrifices of my present office at the expiration of the existing term. That intention has been freely communicated, that I might not be regarded as a candidate for re-election. It is unnecessary, on this occasion, to enumerate the many cogent reasons which led to this wish. They were such as induce the utmost reluctance in departing from... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB , Recipient: Perley Keyes
The Republican members of the Legislature met on the 20th instant, to confer on the selection of a suitable candidate to be supported at the ensuing election for the office of Governor; and upon the most mature deliberation, have unanimously declared their conviction that the best interests of the state required that you should again be supported for that station. But as your Excellency had... Continue Reading
Sender/Author: MVB, Sender/Author: Perley Keyes
Whereas Roswell B. Rowley, of the town of Duanesburgh, in the county of Albany, did on the third day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and two, convey by indenture of Mortgage unto Joseph Tompkins, of the town of Fishkill, in the county of Dutchess, and to his heirs and assigns for ever, for securing a certain sum of money, therein mentioned, with the interest that... Continue Reading
Sender/Author: MVB
You were disappointed last winter, as you well know, in your plan of personal advancement—and you thence forward, as you well know, have been unwearied in your efforts to stir up dissension and discord in the republican party; in stimulating the young lawyers throughout the state to erect presses, and raise a hue and cry against governor Clinton; and in annoying and misrepresenting his... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB