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If our application for delay, in regard to the appointment of deputy post master at Albany be denied, we have to request that you will indulge us with an opportunity of making farther communication to you on the subject, before the ultimate decision be made.
Sender/Author: MVB
We unite in the request which has been made for the postponement of the appointment of deputy post master for the city of Albany, (in case the removal of Mr. Southwick be determined on) until an opportunity can be afforded to the citizens of the place to express their wishes on the subject, and earnestly solicit that the same may be complied with.
Sender/Author: Nathaniel Pitcher, Sender/Author: Richard McCarty
Immediately wrote him a note, that as the delay solicited could not be granted, he would receive the communication contemplated by the note of Mr. V. B. and myself of Saturday by 1 o'clock, Mr. Stevenson delivered the note personally, and Mr. Meigs was pleased to say he would wait accordingly.
The enclosed letters shew the ground we have taken, in regard to the appointment of a post-master of your city. Of the result, you have already been advised. Aware of the dissatisfaction which exists in our state, with the course of appointments in the post-office department, and of the impression common to our political friends, that the political characters of the applicants to that department... Continue Reading
Sender/Author: MVB
Recipient: Charles Edward Dudley , Recipient: Benjamin Knower
LEGISLATIVE MEETING. AT a meeting of the Republican Members of both branches of the Legislature of the State of New-York, held at the Assembly Chamber in the city of Albany, on the 22d day of April, 1823. The Hon. WALTER BOWNE, of the Senate, was called to the Chair, and JAMES MULLETT, Jun. Esq. of the Assembly, appointed Secretary. On motion of the Lieutenant-Governor, it was Resolved, That a... Continue Reading
Died—In this city, on the evening of Friday, the 5th inst. after a lingering illness, Mrs. Hannah Van Buren, wife of the hon. Martin Van Buren, in the 36th year of her age. The death of this amiable and excellent woman, is severely felt by a numerous circle of relatives and friends. And as a daughter and a sister, a wife and mother, her loss is deeply deplored; for in all those various relations... Continue Reading
Pursuant to the usage of their predecessors, your representatives in Senate and Assembly met at the capitol in this city, to designate the counties from which the next candidates for senators for the middle district ought to be taken. The proceedings above detailed shew the result of their deliberations. The length of time for which this mode of designation has been pursued, its obvious fitness,... Continue Reading
Sender/Author: MVB, Sender/Author: Erastus Root, Sender/Author: Jabez Delano Hammond
The select committee of the senate to whom has been referred the bill for continuing the state tax for one year, request your opinion whether the funds of the state will not admit of the discontinuance of the state tax, without great embarrassment in the fiscal affairs of the state, or prejudice to the public faith. It has been suggested to the committee that the funds contemplated to be raised... Continue Reading
Sender/Author: MVB
Benjamin F. Butler, ATTORNEY & SOLICITOR, HAS formed a connection in business with M. Van Buren, Esq. Their office is at No. 107 State street. Albany. June 20. 1820.                      74
AN ACT to authorise the raising a corps of sea-fencibles. Be it enacted by the people of the state of New-York, represented in senate and assembly, That the governor of the state of New-York be, and he is hereby authorised to raise for three years, unless sooner discharged, twenty companies of sea-fencibles, who may be employed as well on the land as on the water, for the defence of the port and... Continue Reading
AN ACT authorising additional pay to be made to the volunteers, and for paying the militia called into service by the state authority. BE it enacted by the people of the state of New-York, represented in senate and assembly, That the governor shall cause to be paid to each non commissioned officer, musician and private, of the volunteer corps, and to the legal representatives of those who may be... Continue Reading
AN ACT to authorise the raising of two regiments of men of colour. BE it enacted by the people of the state of New-York, represented in senate and assembly, That the governor of the state of New-York be, and he is hereby authorised to raise, by voluntary enlistment, two regiments of free men of color, for the defence of the state, for three years unless sooner discharged. And be it further... Continue Reading
AN ACT To Authorise the Raising of Troops for the Defense of this State. I. Be it enacted by the People of the state of New-York, represented in Senate and Assembly, That it shall and may be lawful for his Excellency the Governor, by general orders, to call into actual service from the militia of this state, twelve thousand able-bodied and effective men, to be raised in the manner prescribed by... Continue Reading
AN ACT to encourage Privateering Associations. WHEREAS a barbarous warfare on our coast and frontiers, by pillage and conflagration, is carried on by the enemy, and a determination is avowed, to lay waste our cities and habitations, and make a common ruin of both public and private property, to the usages of civilized warfare: Wherefore, it has become expedient and necessary, that the Legislature... Continue Reading
The enlightened view which the Senate has taken of the great events which have lately transpired, and of their probable influence upon the interest and destiny of the United States, displays wisdom and patriotism, worthy of that dignified body. Their favorable notice of my official conduct in the recent emergency, receives the most respectful acknowledgments; & a continuance of their... Continue Reading
Recipient: New York Senate
I HAVE recently observed in the Albany Gazette, your objections, as a member of the Council of Revision, to several of the laws passed at the last session of the Legislature. Understanding that the laws, to which you have objected with so much zeal and sensibility, passed the Senate with the approbation of about three-fourths of the members, and the House of Assembly with nearly two-thirds, and... Continue Reading
Sender/Author: Samuel Young
Recipient: James Kent
I hope you will not fail to lay before your readers, the very interesting letter from Chancellor Kent to Mr. Hoffman. It cannot fail to be highly gratifying to every real friend of the judiciary, and well wisher of the chancellor. They have witnessed with regret the unceasing attempts which have been for some time making by some of his judicial friends, to draw him with them into all the petty... Continue Reading
Sender/Author: MVB