Van Buren Quotes

Identifying important Van Buren quotes and debunking misattributed quotes will be two benefits of the PMVB project. This page will be updated as we make progress on the documents.

"What is to come out of this time alone can determine. I do not despair of the Republic, and whatever others may do, I mean to hold on to the true faith." MVB to Charles Edward Dudley, 25 December 1825

"The temptation to anticipate professional fame is a strong one, and my success, humble as it has been, is well calculated to mislead young men of genius and ambition. Whatever the degree of that success may have been they may be assured that it would have been much greater and more substantial if like many others, who may not have succeeded as well, I had first acquired a sound education and stored my mind with useful knowledge." MVB, Autobiography, pp. 12-13.