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Your letter of the 27th of March last was duly received. Acting as an unpledged delegate to the Baltimore convention, you ask my opinion in regard to the constitutionality and expediency of an immediate annexation of Texas to the United States, or as soon as the assent of Texas may be had to such... Continue Reading
As you know I am a bad correspondent. Since I have been at home company & impaired health has prevented me from writing to any one unless on public business. I am just returned from Nashville where I was invited to meet my friends, by a committee of the citizens of Nashville & its vicinity... Continue Reading
In your letter dated in the autumn of 1819, you say-“The Missouri question conceals, so far as he (Mr. King) is concerned, no plot, and we shall give it a true direction.” This expression, until otherwise shown, must be construed to mean, that Mr King, if returned to the United States Senate, would... Continue Reading
Through the medium of your paper, I propose, with your permission, to address a series of letters, to the Hon. Martin Van Buren, Vice President of the U. States. It is my wish to bring before the American people, a true history of this gentleman’s career. I shall commence with his early days, and... Continue Reading
Our friend Mr Polk will before this time have informed you of the reasons for abandoning for the present my intended tour. The first practicable moment will be embraced for at last paying my much desired visit to the Hermitage. When that will be must of course be more or less uncertain. <... Continue Reading
Yours of the 16th. instant has just reached me. I am still much afflicted with pain in my side shoulder & breast, which has removed higher in my breast. I have postponed answering the various committees of Newyork, Boston, Philadelphia &c. &c until I could form some positive idea as to... Continue Reading
The enclosed will explain to you what our friends at Washington want. Govr Marcy thinks that his mode of writing is not the best that could be had for the purpose. <illegible> <illegible> What is desired is, a full statement of my course & character sufficiently comprehensive &... Continue Reading
It is believed that no candid man who peruses the preceding letters can view you in any other light during the year 1812, than as an opponent of the war and its friends; and as having “changed fronts” from mercenary and selfish considerations, after the election of Mr. Madison, and triumph of the... Continue Reading
I am charged with the presentation of the enclosed application. And altho' no expectation is entertained of any action in the matter, at the present session, yet may I hope Sir, that the practice of converting any part of this Capitol into a retail shop, of ardent spirits will be, hereafter,... Continue Reading
Your letter of the 24th was handed me by Mr. Cambreleng at the moment of stepping into the carriage to visit the Town of Brooklyn upon the invitation of its trustees, and I embrace the first moment of my return to reply to it. You have done all that was required of you in regard to the suggestions... Continue Reading
I must beg Your excuse for so long delaying to acknowledge the receipt of your last Letter, and its accompanyment, which is owing to my having been absent for home since Friday afternoon, when not hearing from You, I paid a visit to a friend in the country, in hopes of recovering from an affection... Continue Reading
It is not proposed to discuss the merits or demerits of either the friends or the opponents of the late war. So far, however, at the incidents connected with that contest have became a part of the history of our country; and so far as their notice is deemed necessary to a true develpment of your... Continue Reading
In preceding letters it has been demonstrated that from 1811 to 1813, you were the advocate and supporter of that class of politicians who were opposed to the war; that you were the untiring opponent of James Madison, and the devoted adherent of De Witt Clinton. And here let me again remark that it... Continue Reading