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Your package came to me night before last. I did not attempt to reply to it yesterday, because I found our friend Mr Butler was here yesterday, and I wished to see and converse fully with him, before I wrote to you. I have had a good deal of conversation with him and he has just left me. He has... Continue Reading
I must beg Your excuse for so long delaying to acknowledge the receipt of your last Letter, and its accompanyment, which is owing to my having been absent for home since Friday afternoon, when not hearing from You, I paid a visit to a friend in the country, in hopes of recovering from an affection... Continue Reading
I have recd your letter of the 9th It is creditable to the nation the general disgust & excration that the dastardly & cowardly insult offered me by the late disgraced, & degraded Lt. Randolph, and it is equally creditable to the public presses, that so much unanimity on this event,... Continue Reading
The approach of our regular election of a Governor and Lieutenant Governor and the established usages of the Republican Party, have again brought together the delegates of your choice, to discharge the important and responsible duty of selecting and presenting to the public suitable candidates for... Continue Reading
Yours of the 16th. instant is just recd and I hasten to thank you for the enclosures, which I retain to refute the vagrant falshoods of our noisy worshipers of Hard Cider, logg Cabins & Coons, who have been exulting much that Newyork, South Carolina & Alabama &c &c were horse foot... Continue Reading
I have now briefly reviewed your political career, from 1812 to 1820 inclusive. During this period you was a member of the state Senate. It will be observed, that reference has only been made to the most prominent of your acts. Your petty and local intrigues have been passed by unheeded. They... Continue Reading
You <stick> to me in the way of expense at least. The enclosed after travelling the rounds have hit me instead of you. I have spent a very pleasant time here & leave this morg for Geneva. We had a large & <monied> party at Mr <Greig's> yesterday & things passed off... Continue Reading
The enclosed will explain to you what our friends at Washington want. Govr Marcy thinks that his mode of writing is not the best that could be had for the purpose. <illegible> <illegible> What is desired is, a full statement of my course & character sufficiently comprehensive &... Continue Reading
Immediately after the determination of the late war, there was an organization of parties throughout the State. The federalists, as a separate and distinct body, no longer existed.— The popularity of Mr. Clinton seemed to be at an end. With the democracy of the State Mr. Tompkins was the idol. You... Continue Reading
Your letter of the 24th was handed me by Mr. Cambreleng at the moment of stepping into the carriage to visit the Town of Brooklyn upon the invitation of its trustees, and I embrace the first moment of my return to reply to it. You have done all that was required of you in regard to the suggestions... Continue Reading
I have now been here several days and have seen persons from almost every part of the state, and have no doubt, that our success is as certain as any future event, that is dependent upon the voice of the people, can possibly be. The adversary is suffering under the pangs of anticipated defeat, ... Continue Reading
Memorandum I recd. this letter on the evening of the 26th. Feby at Lindenwald. Deeming it indispensable to consult Mr Wright before I replied I sent my son Martin to Albany the same night to give Mr Wright time to <try> reflect & give me his opinion. The next day ^28th^ I wrote by mail to... Continue Reading