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I am charged with the presentation of the enclosed application. And altho' no expectation is entertained of any action in the matter, at the present session, yet may I hope Sir, that the practice of converting any part of this Capitol into a retail shop, of ardent spirits will be, hereafter,... Continue Reading
I have recd. your kind letter and return you many thanks for it. Have the goodness to deliver the enclosed to the Major when he returns. It gave me I assure you heartfelt satisfaction to learn by Major Donelsons letter red. yesterday that your health is so good. The affair of the Vice Presidency... Continue Reading
I must throw myself on your indulgence, and beg you to wait with me for a settlement of my dues to you until some period in August, when I shall be able to ascertain the value of the growing cotton crop, and gather what other convertible means may be within my control at that time. At that period I... Continue Reading
I have had the honor to receive by the hands of Mr Gansevoort Melville your communication requesting me in behalf of a Convention of Delegates from the several wards of the City and County of New York, to preside at a mass meeting of the democracy, to be held on the 4th inst., to respond to the... Continue Reading
Before proceeding to notice your official acts, I shall, very briefly, recur to two incidents which may be considered indicative of the cast of your mind. You well know, sir, that for a time you was employed in the office of the late Judge William P. Van Ness. You may remember, and if you do not,... Continue Reading
Major Donelson has returned in good health, gives us the pleasing intelligence of your good health & spirits, as well as all the rest of our friends in Washington. Altho on my late visit to the lower country parties were not introduced on public occasion, still I learned much from our... Continue Reading
you are styled “the Magician.” You are flattered and pleased with the appellation. It is a misnomer. It has tended, however, to increase your influence with the unprincipled office seeker. It has drawn around you a band of mercenaries, who have ministered to your vanity, and pampered an “... Continue Reading
I write principally for the purpose of wishing you & Mrs. D. a happy new year. News I cannot give you. The Presidential question is about as unsettled as it ever was. Mr Crawfords health is re-established & his prospects far from desperate. The only certain thing, is that neither can be... Continue Reading
If I were not sure that you are sensible of the pressure of my business, & good enough to make the proper allowances, I should be unhappy on account of ^my^ seeming neglect. I have moreover been prevented from writing for some days by the uncertainty which has hung over my summer movements, of... Continue Reading
I recd. your letter last Eveng whilst on the wing for this place. In that spirit of entire candour which has hitherto ^& ever shall^ distinguished, ^& ever shall^ our intercourse I must say to you that it has caused me not a considerable embarrassment, and not a little pain. If any honest... Continue Reading
The result of the deliberations of the Baltimore Convention reached us yesterday morng. Of course it surprised us all, & none more so than myself to be sure. The previous ballottings, up to the 8th, recd the day before, had, in a measure, prepared my mind for almost any strange result, altho' I... Continue Reading
You <stick> to me in the way of expense at least. The enclosed after travelling the rounds have hit me instead of you. I have spent a very pleasant time here & leave this morg for Geneva. We had a large & <monied> party at Mr <Greig's> yesterday & things passed off... Continue Reading
I take this opportunity to write a few lines on the subject of the late election in this County & State of which you have heard the result some time since it went well for the Regency & huge <faws> the Wigs are scarce in this section of the Country since the ides of November last the... Continue Reading
Accept my unfeigned congratulations upon the passage of Mr Ingersolls Bill by the House of Representatives, & the all but certainty that it will pass the Senate also. This measure of tardy justice would lose much of its gratification if stript of the circumstance, that in one branch, at least... Continue Reading
I wrote you a long letter the other day but burnt it in consequence of its having been delayed but one day and that short period having worked an almost entire revolution in the State of things here. At present our affairs are situated thus. Clay & his friends have settled down for Adams. This... Continue Reading
It is believed that no candid man who peruses the preceding letters can view you in any other light during the year 1812, than as an opponent of the war and its friends; and as having “changed fronts” from mercenary and selfish considerations, after the election of Mr. Madison, and triumph of the... Continue Reading
Yours of the 16th. instant is just recd and I hasten to thank you for the enclosures, which I retain to refute the vagrant falshoods of our noisy worshipers of Hard Cider, logg Cabins & Coons, who have been exulting much that Newyork, South Carolina & Alabama &c &c were horse foot... Continue Reading
It is I presume quite unnecessary that I should say that the insult offered to you by Randolph has excited the utmost abhorrence here. With but one infamous exception the press has as far as my observation extends, spoken upon the subject in terms of unqualified reprobation. In this, as in all... Continue Reading
I was made happy by the receipt of your kind letter of the 8th Instant. The length of time during which we had no authentic accounts of you, & the rumours coming from the adversary, (false as they generally are,) had nevertheless created not a little uneasiness with many of your friends—an... Continue Reading
The approach of our regular election of a Governor and Lieutenant Governor and the established usages of the Republican Party, have again brought together the delegates of your choice, to discharge the important and responsible duty of selecting and presenting to the public suitable candidates for... Continue Reading