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A good deal of indisposition since my return has delayed my writing to you as I intended. I have not however much more to say than you will see in the newspapers; but what I have is generally good. I am half disposed to enclose a number of letters sent me from various parts of the state, so... Continue Reading
I wish you and Ms Dudley a Merry Christmass. If there was any thing of interest here to communicate I would write it, but there is not. People as yet keep themselves, to themselves, and watch the movements of the water. The elements of a determined & ultimately furious opposition are on the... Continue Reading
Yours of the 16th. instant has just reached me. I am still much afflicted with pain in my side shoulder & breast, which has removed higher in my breast. I have postponed answering the various committees of Newyork, Boston, Philadelphia &c. &c until I could form some positive idea as to... Continue Reading
I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter, transmitting the proceedings of a meeting, of a portion of the Citizens of Wilmington, and beg leave to return, through you, my sincere thanks for their kind congratulations, and for the honor conferred upon me, in the expression of their... Continue Reading
Your letter of the 23rd of March is just received, and I sincerely regret that any cause should have arisen to have posponed your visit, accompanied by your secretaries, to the Hermitage but I hope the clouds of war on the political Horison will soon blow over, and peace on our northeastern borders... Continue Reading
At a meeting of the Democratic Party, held at the Court House, in this City, on Wednesday Evening last, The following resolution was suggested, and passed by an unanimous vote – viz- "Resolved, that a Committee of Three persons be appointed, to enquire of His Excellency Martin Van Buren, whether or... Continue Reading
In your letter dated in the autumn of 1819, you say-“The Missouri question conceals, so far as he (Mr. King) is concerned, no plot, and we shall give it a true direction.” This expression, until otherwise shown, must be construed to mean, that Mr King, if returned to the United States Senate, would... Continue Reading
I have now briefly reviewed your political career, from 1812 to 1820 inclusive. During this period you was a member of the state Senate. It will be observed, that reference has only been made to the most prominent of your acts. Your petty and local intrigues have been passed by unheeded. They... Continue Reading
I reached home on the evening of the 5th. worn down with bad health, hot weather & intolerable roads found my family in good health except Sarah who has just recovered & has now the promise of health. I found on my whole journey every thing to cheer us, prosperity every where, and all... Continue Reading
It is I presume quite unnecessary that I should say that the insult offered to you by Randolph has excited the utmost abhorrence here. With but one infamous exception the press has as far as my observation extends, spoken upon the subject in terms of unqualified reprobation. In this, as in all... Continue Reading
I wrote you a long letter the other day but burnt it in consequence of its having been delayed but one day and that short period having worked an almost entire revolution in the State of things here. At present our affairs are situated thus. Clay & his friends have settled down for Adams. This... Continue Reading
Permit me to thank you for your kindness in remitting the report of the Treasurer; and the accompanying letter. You may rest assured, sir that Penna. will never desert first principles. As a state she will adhere to the doctrines of Jefferson & Jackson. She will never sanction the vascillating... Continue Reading
The approach of our regular election of a Governor and Lieutenant Governor and the established usages of the Republican Party, have again brought together the delegates of your choice, to discharge the important and responsible duty of selecting and presenting to the public suitable candidates for... Continue Reading
Well, the trial of the candidates for the Presidency is over and you are the only one who stands honorably acquitted by the court, the Jury and the Country. Those who were really your friends in the south and west, who abandoned you in a panic, are ashamed of themselves; your enemies, tho'... Continue Reading
Accept my unfeigned congratulations upon the passage of Mr Ingersolls Bill by the House of Representatives, & the all but certainty that it will pass the Senate also. This measure of tardy justice would lose much of its gratification if stript of the circumstance, that in one branch, at least... Continue Reading
The arrest of R.B. Randolph, and the proofs against J.H. Pleasants have thrown the Richmond Community into a state of the most violent commotion. I was there on yesterday, and had the mortification to find that my very worst opinion the aristocracy & violence of the place was more than verified... Continue Reading
In preceding letters it has been demonstrated that from 1811 to 1813, you were the advocate and supporter of that class of politicians who were opposed to the war; that you were the untiring opponent of James Madison, and the devoted adherent of De Witt Clinton. And here let me again remark that it... Continue Reading
I write principally for the purpose of wishing you & Mrs. D. a happy new year. News I cannot give you. The Presidential question is about as unsettled as it ever was. Mr Crawfords health is re-established & his prospects far from desperate. The only certain thing, is that neither can be... Continue Reading
The confidential letter which accompanied yours of the 22nd instant, and this moment received, I herewith return. With the lady who has written it, I am unacquainted, and I have not therefore the means of estimating the value of the honor she has done ^me^ by so unexpected a declaration of her... Continue Reading
The result of the deliberations of the Baltimore Convention reached us yesterday morng. Of course it surprised us all, & none more so than myself to be sure. The previous ballottings, up to the 8th, recd the day before, had, in a measure, prepared my mind for almost any strange result, altho' I... Continue Reading