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I am sorry for the omission but there was enough <illegible> <illegible> ^to^ move without it. I did not receive your note until it was too late or I should have been with you. I have two accusations to make agt. you the one for neglecting to send me the corrected copy of the Speech... Continue Reading
The Senate then proceeded, as in committee of the whole, to consider the bill to alter the time of holding the District Court in the Northern District of the State of New York. Mr. VAN BUREN briefly explained the object and grounds of the bill; after which, it was ordered to be engrossed for a... Continue Reading
Will Mr. Pleasonton have the goodness to inform M[r.] V Buren whether the proceedings spoken of in the within can be stayed or denied. Mr Gates is a very worthy man.
I have received your letter of the 30th ult. enclosing an application for the discharge of Augustus V.K. Hubbard, and have directed an inquiry into the facts; and will decide the case as soon as they can be ascertained. In the meantime it is proper to state, that no order has ever been given to... Continue Reading
Mr Van Buren accepts with pleasure Mr and Mrs Adams’s polite invitation for Thursday the 5th Inst.
I have had the honor to receive your note of the 1st enclosing a letter to you from Gerrit Gates. The suit now pending against the sureties of John Gates, late Paymaster, was instituted for the double prospects of establishing our claim against them, and of vindicating the character of some of our... Continue Reading
     Mr. VAN BUREN presented the petition of Archibald Gracie, praying that measures may be adopted for the restitution of property illegally seized by France in 1807. Referred.
     Mr. VAN BUREN explained the nature and object of the bill; after which it was ordered to be engrossed for a third reading.
Agreeably to the statement made in my letter to you of the 3d inst. an order was sent to Com. Chauncey directing him to enquire into the case of Augustus V.K. Hubbard; and he has informed me in reply, that upon examination, no person, by that name, has deserted from the Receiving Ship at New York... Continue Reading
I am as you supposed somewhat surprised to hear that you went direct to Greenbush. I wrote you advising you to go to Kinderhook & to visit Albany from thence. I know the kindness which induces Mr & Mrs. Duer to wish to have you at their house, & approve your taste for <& am>... Continue Reading