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Mr. VAN BUREN gave notice that he should, tomorrow, ask leave to introduce a bill to alter the time of holding the District Court in the Northern District of the State of New York.
Agreeably to notice, Mr. VAN BUREN asked, and having obtained leave, introduced a bill “to alter the time of holding the District Court, in the Northern District of the State of New York;” which was read, and passed to a second reading.
I have just been informed by L. Beardsley Esqr. that a new Suit has been made by the U. States, against my father and myself as sureties of my Brother J. Gates Jr. late Paymaster of U. S. Army. You are no doubt well acquainted with the result of this same Case tried before your <drst.> friend... Continue Reading
I wish you & your family not forgetting my <dearest> heart Miss Margaret a very merry Christmass. <unclear word> the day is dark & raining & except the promise of some pleasure at dinner with Mr & Mrs. McLane <unclear word> & every thing <else> appears to... Continue Reading
I wish you and Ms Dudley a Merry Christmass. If there was any thing of interest here to communicate I would write it, but there is not. People as yet keep themselves, to themselves, and watch the movements of the water. The elements of a determined & ultimately furious opposition are on the... Continue Reading
I am sorry for the omission but there was enough <unclear word> <unclear word> ^to^ move without it. I did not receive your note until it was too late or I should have been with you. I have two accusations to make agt. you the one for neglecting to send me the corrected copy of the... Continue Reading
The Senate then proceeded, as in committee of the whole, to consider the bill to alter the time of holding the District Court in the Northern District of the State of New York. Mr. VAN BUREN briefly explained the object and grounds of the bill; after which, it was ordered to be engrossed for a... Continue Reading
Will Mr. Pleasonton have the goodness to inform M[r.] V Buren whether the proceedings spoken of in the within can be stayed or denied. Mr Gates is a very worthy man.
I have received your letter of the 30th ult. enclosing an application for the discharge of Augustus V.K. Hubbard, and have directed an inquiry into the facts; and will decide the case as soon as they can be ascertained. In the meantime it is proper to state, that no order has ever been given to... Continue Reading
Mr Van Buren accepts with pleasure Mr and Mrs Adams’s polite invitation for Thursday the 5th Inst.