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I have spent some time in Nyork but on a closer view of the whole ground did not find our friends as fully sensible of their actual condition as I thought they were and as I am persuaded they will be in a short time. To have moved in the business now might have created a new schism in the party... Continue Reading
My friend Judge W. Smith to whom Col. Hayne succeeded in the Senate at Washington from South Carolina, & Dr. Brown of Kentucky, left New York yesterday, and promised to wait for me at Albany. I have sent to every house but Crittenden’s, without learning of them. As I know Judge Smith meant to... Continue Reading
I enclose you two papers, one respecting the interference of the Clergy with the duties of the legislature, which I mentd. to you, & the other, to paralyse the report of Mr Jefferson being a Tariff-politician & in favour of protecting duties. In theory, and in justice, all duties for... Continue Reading
Mr. LOWRIE moved then to strike out the 1st section of the bill, which repealed the 15th section of the original act. A long debate ensued, in which Messrs. LOWRIE, EATON, BENTON, SMITH, BARTON, KELLY, HOLMES, of Maine, and VAN BUREN, took part, and it was finally decided in the negative by yeas... Continue Reading
I have concluded to make no arrangement on the Subject of Quarters until I arrive in Washington. I have had conversations with Forsyth & McLane on the Subject & must see them before I determine. Those two Gentlemen, (or the former only if the latter takes his wife down) VerPlank yourself... Continue Reading
Enclosed you will find a letter addressed to yourself about my brother William, for whom I am anxious to obtain orders for Entering into the service. It is such a letter as I supposed you might with propriety transmit (as you suggested) to the Secretary of the Navy. I regret that I was out of town... Continue Reading
Mr. VAN BUREN gave notice that he should, on Tuesday next, submit a resolution to amend the Constitution in relation to Roads and Canals;
I shall attend to your brothers concern. Mr. J. forgets what is due to the subject, to his friends & to myself. I can conscientiously say that I never have, and I <illegible> I never shall subject my course on a public question to the controul of my personal interests. I shall always... Continue Reading
Too faint to read on microfilm.
The following standing Committees were announced as having been appointed by the Chair, viz: . . . On the Judiciary.–Messrs. Van Buren, Holmes, Rowen, Berrien, Mills