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Yours of the 12th was received at the moment of my departure for Columbia where I have since been confined by indisposition. I have however entirely recovered & in a few days go next on some private business. The fact of the offer of the mission to you had been previously communicated to me... Continue Reading
I [rec]d. your letter at the moment of my departure for the Country where I have since been confined by indisposition from which I am ^have^ however entirely recovered. I had been previously advised of the offer of the mission to you though from a satisfactory <unclear word> though not an... Continue Reading
I will be ready to go to Oswego on Saturday. You and Finkle therefore better come up on Saturday morning & we will start from here in the afternoon & go as far as Schenectady in the evening. Write me by mail when I may expect you & I will be ready. If any other day will suit better fix... Continue Reading
I have been instructed by the Secretary of the navy to transmit to you the accompanying acting appointment as Midshipman in the Us. navy for Wm. P. Livingston, and to request that you will be pleased to deliver it to him. In relation to Mr. Berry, he has been an Acting Purser for more than twelve... Continue Reading
If Abrm. can be indulged with leave of absence for a portion of the summer consistent with the rules of the institution I will be gratified by his receiving it. His friends are very anxious to see him & I hope his conduct has been such as to entitle him to all allowable privilege. I was... Continue Reading
Let me by this <unclear word> introduce to you my friend President Cooper of Cola. College. S.C. His name is enough. He has requested of me this favor on board the boat, and I have no implements of writing but these.
I have spent some time in Nyork but on a closer view of the whole ground did not find our friends as fully sensible of their actual condition as I thought they were and as I am persuaded they will be in a short time. To have moved in the business now might have created a new schism in the party... Continue Reading
My friend Judge W. Smith to whom Col. Hayne succeeded in the Senate at Washington from South Carolina, & Dr. Brown of Kentucky, left New York yesterday, and promised to wait for me at Albany. I have sent to every house but Crittenden’s, without learning of them. As I know Judge Smith meant to... Continue Reading
I enclose you two papers, one respecting the interference of the Clergy with the duties of the legislature, which I mentd. to you, & the other, to paralyse the report of Mr Jefferson being a Tariff-politician & in favour of protecting duties. In theory, and in justice, all duties for... Continue Reading
Mr. LOWRIE moved then to strike out the 1st section of the bill, which repealed the 15th section of the original act. A long debate ensued, in which Messrs. LOWRIE, EATON, BENTON, SMITH, BARTON, KELLY, HOLMES, of Maine, and VAN BUREN, took part, and it was finally decided in the negative by yeas... Continue Reading