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Mr Van Buren presents his compliments to the Secretary of the navy & takes the liberty of reminding him of the Warrant for young Mr. Livingston. Mr V Buren has had but mislaid a memorandum respecting young Barry-has he been appointed Purser or recd. any other promotion or has he reason to... Continue Reading
Your letter found me in my bed, from which, I assure you, I have risen with some difficulty. My exposure in the trial of a canal cause, in the lower part of the county, brought on a violent cold, accompanied with chills & fevers, and for the first time in six years, I had a violent bilious... Continue Reading
I have not been able sooner to make the communication, nor is the measure absolutely <illegible>, that the mission to G. Britain has been offered to me, and that it is probable I may accept it. At present I mention the same to you without wishing to be quoted
Yours of the 12th was received at the moment of my departure for Columbia where I have since been confined by indisposition. I have however entirely recovered & in a few days go next on some private business. The fact of the offer of the mission to you had been previously communicated to me... Continue Reading
I [rec]d. your letter at the moment of my departure for the Country where I have since been confined by indisposition from which I am ^have^ however entirely recovered. I had been previously advised of the offer of the mission to you though from a satisfactory <illegible> though not an... Continue Reading
I will be ready to go to Oswego on Saturday. You and Finkle therefore better come up on Saturday morning & we will start from here in the afternoon & go as far as Schenectady in the evening. Write me by mail when I may expect you & I will be ready. If any other day will suit better fix... Continue Reading
I have been instructed by the Secretary of the navy to transmit to you the accompanying acting appointment as Midshipman in the Us. navy for Wm. P. Livingston, and to request that you will be pleased to deliver it to him. In relation to Mr. Berry, he has been an Acting Purser for more than twelve... Continue Reading
If Abrm. can be indulged with leave of absence for a portion of the summer consistent with the rules of the institution I will be gratified by his receiving it. His friends are very anxious to see him & I hope his conduct has been such as to entitle him to all allowable privilege. I was... Continue Reading
The VICE PRESIDENT of the United States appeared, was conducted to the chair by the PRESIDENT pro tem., and upon calling the Senate to order, delivered the following address: Senators: In entering upon the duties of the station to which I have been called by the people, deference to you and justice... Continue Reading
Let me by this <illegible> introduce to you my friend President Cooper of Cola. College. S.C. His name is enough. He has requested of me this favor on board the boat, and I have no implements of writing but these.