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Mr. VAN BUREN offered a few remarks; he expressed his unwillingness to go into the discussion at so late a period of the session, but he did not see how it could be avoided. He therefore felt himself under some sense of obligation and duty to proceed to the examination and discussion of the subject... Continue Reading
Mr. VAN BUREN thought it apparent, from the votes of to-day, that the Senate was not only determined on acting on this subject, but was decidedly in favor of the principle contained in the Bill; that is, the appointment of additional circuit judges, who should be also Judges of the Supreme Court.... Continue Reading
Mr. VAN BUREN, from the Committee on the Judiciary, to which was referred the bill to alter the term of the District Courts of the United States, in the Western District of Virginia, reported it without amendment.
Mr. VAN BUREN presented the petition of sundry aliens, residents in the District of Columbia, praying certain alterations in the law respecting naturalization. Referred.
Make use of the information of contained in this letter if useful (to yourself it will be a guide) but do not mention names. Varplanck yesterday in presence of my wife said Well Adams is a Clintonian I have received a letter from Washington informing me that Adams was in favor of Spencer. That In... Continue Reading
I do not know why I should not (following the example of one of our Ga newspapers in which it is always done) derange the letters of your name & make you neighbor to the great Bean, since you, (misled by such examples) take the liberty to stick an e to the end of my name. I have no e, to my... Continue Reading
The Senate took up, as in committee of the whole, the bill to provide for the punishment of certain crimes against the United States, and for other purposes. A considerable time was spent in the discussion of the details of this bill, which was participated in by Messrs. HAYNE, HOLMES, of Maine,... Continue Reading
You have been one of the commissionners appointed by the State to report the most efficient plan to improve the navigation of the Hudson river; you have, with the other members of that commission, recommended my plan of a lateral ship canal, along the obstructions as the best; you have done more,... Continue Reading
Mr. VAN BUREN was too sensible of the indulgence he had received from the Senate yesterday, to trespass longer on their time than would be required to notice one or two of the points touched on by the gentleman from South Carolina. That gentleman had done no more than justice to the enormities... Continue Reading
I take the liberty of troubling you with the perusal of the enclosed letter as the best mode of executing Mr Genets wishes.