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Mr. Chauncey Bush having been appointed consul of the United States for the ports of San Blas and Mazatlan, in Mexico, I herewith transmit his commission, in order that you may request of the Mexican Government an exequatur for him, which, when received, you will forward with his commission to Mr.... Continue Reading
I am directed by the President to inform you that, as the time prescribed for your return to the United States with the result of your negotiation with the Mexican Government has elapsed, he has determined upon the immediate appointment of a successor. A nomination will accordingly be made to the... Continue Reading
We this day lay before our readers a document of deeper interest-one which, from its nature and probable consequences, is more eminently calculated to test the character of the American People, and to probe the foundation upon which their political insitutions are based-than any which has appeared... Continue Reading
TO THE SENATE AND ASSEMBLY. Gentlemen--The President, with the advice and consent of the senate, has appointed me Secretary of State for the United States, and I have felt it my duty to accept the unsolicited and distinguished honour which has thus been conferred upon me. This decision makes it... Continue Reading