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Fellow Citizens of the Senate and Assembly, I approach the high trust committed to my care, with a profound sense of the unmerited honor conferred upon me by the people, and an earnest solicitude to fulfil the obligations of gratitude which their favor has imposed. Associated with these feelings, is a consciousness of inferiority to that accomplished statesman, whose sudden removal from the post... Continue Reading
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In my communication to the legislature at the opening of the session, I alluded briefly to the outlines of a plan suggested to me relative to the renewed bank charters. Understanding that it was the general expectation that a full development of its details would be laid before you by me, I have requested its author to furnish me with a more ample statement of his views: and have now the honor to... Continue Reading
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I make to you Mr President & to the Convention over which you have the honor to preside my <illegible> sincere & grateful acknowledgments ^as well^ for the gratifying compliment which has been paid to me in inviting me to a personal presentation to its members as for the very flattering opinion which you have in their behalf been pleased to express of my public conduct. Combining as... Continue Reading
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The approach of our regular election of a Governor and Lieutenant Governor and the established usages of the Republican Party, have again brought together the delegates of your choice, to discharge the important and responsible duty of selecting and presenting to the public suitable candidates for those high offices. This duty upon ordinary occasions delicate and difficult, has been to the... Continue Reading
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From the establishment of despotic power by ^through^ the arbitrary assumption of ^authority by^ any one man or any set of men ^means ^^assumptions^^^ which have proved to so fatal to liberty in other countries^ we have I thank god nothing to fear. To satisfy you of this <illegible> truth it is only necessary to invite your own reflection before what you do know, argument cannot be... Continue Reading
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At a meeting held in this town on the 19th of April  ultimo, of persons favorable to the adoption in this state of the Massachusetts mode of Suffrage, the subscribers were appointed a prudential Committee with an understanding that they should report their proceedings ^progress^ at subsequent meetings. This primary meeting was held accidentally on the anniversary of the battle of Lexington. This... Continue Reading
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The honorable Martin Van Buren of the Senate addressed the meeting nearly in the following words: Mr. Chairman: We have met to pay a tribute of respect to the memory of our late Governor and distinguished fellow-citizen, De Witt Clinton. Some of our brethren have been so kind as to ask me to prepare a suitable expression of our feelings: and I have, in pursuance of their wishes, drawn up what has... Continue Reading
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