MVB to John W. Taylor, 24 November 1813

MVB to John W. Taylor, 24 November 1813


Jacob Van Ness Esqr. of Redhook has applyed for the office of Collector for Dutchess county, he has been well recommended & in my Judgment ought to have the office, there being no republican member from that district it is necessary for his friends to apply abroad.

Mr Van Ness is in every respect qualifyed to discharge the duties of it well & on the score of services richly entitled to it. He is moreover a particular friend of mine & one in whose welfare I feel a deep interest. Now if you can do any thing for him you will be doing right in the abstract & conferring a particular favor on me. I have wrote to the secretary Mr Jones in behalf of a Mr Butler for our district, but as the secretary does not know me (& perhaps if he did it would be worse) he may not attend to it, will you see to this also & when I get into the councill of appointment I will remember Saratoga & ther worthy representative.

How do you like your new Situation I hoped to have seen you during your vacation I am very ambitious of having a correspondence with you this winter in which I will detail to you the great & interesting events which agitate the Body politic at Albany & will receive in exchange the small matters which transpire in the country that is at Washington City. What think you dont I swell as much as a Senator of the great & important State of Newyork which seeks to guide the destinies of the nation ought to, but Joking apart write me often

Yours Sincerely



Medad Butler.

Adam Van Alstin accepted 22d. Nov.

Jacob Van Ness <assessor>

Col Meyers


Martin Van Buren

Nov. 24. 1813.


Ansd. Dec. 7. 1813

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