Thomas Turner, Deed to MVB, 10 April 1809

Thomas Turner, Deed to MVB, 10 April 1809

To all to whom these Prese[nts] [shall] come, or may concern, I Thomas Turner Esquire, Sheriff of th[e] County of Rensselaer send Greeting: WHEREAS by [virtue of a] writ of Testatum Fieri Facias issued out of the Supreme Court of Judicature of the People of the State of New-York, to me directed and delivered, tested the [. . .] [day] of November in the thirty-third year of the Independence of the said people, at the suit of Martin Van Buren commanding me that of the Goods and Chattels of Benja[min] [and] [A]bel Mallett in my bailiwick I should cause to be made Two hundred and seven Dollars and [. . .] which the said Martin Van Buren [then lately] in the said court, before the Justices of the said court, had recovered against the said Benjamin and Abel [. . .] for a certain Debt, and also eight dollars and fifty nine [cents] [t]he said Martin Van Buren for his damage which he has sustained, as well by occasion of the detaining that debt, as for his costs and charges by him about [his suit in that behalf expen]ded, whereof the said Benjamin and Abel are convicted, as appears of record; and if sufficient goods and chattels of the said Benjamin and Abel in my ba[iliwic]k, [whereof I could cause the] damages aforesaid to be made, could not be found, that then I should cause the said debt and damages to be made of the lands and tenements of the said Benjamin and Abel [where]of [they were seized on the] twenty-fourth day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seven or at any time since, in whose hands soever the same might then be, as by reference to the sai[d writ] will [more fully and at large appe]ar. AND WHEREAS by virtue of the said writ of Testatum Fieri Facias I have seized and taken of the lands and tenements of the said [Benjamin] Mallett & Abel Mallet not having sufficient goods and chattels whereof I could cause the debt and damages aforesaid to be made) All the right and title of the said Be[njamin] Mallett and Abel Mallett, to all that certain piece or parcel of Lands, situate, lying and being in the Town of [Schodack], in the said County of Rennselaer, bounded on the North by the Lands of Margaret Van Volkenburgh, on [the west] by those of <Myndell> <Moll>, on the South by the <Manor> <Price>, and on the East by Land owned by the heirs of <Phali> [. . .] whom containing Forty acres of Land be the same more or less.

AND WHEREAS the said lands and tenements since the seizure made by me as aforesaid, by virtue [of the writ afore]said, have, after due notice given by me, been exposed at public s[al]e or vendue, and purchased by the said Martin [Van] Buren of the County of Columbia for the sum of five [dollars] of the money of account of the State of New-York aforesaid, it being the highest [sum bid] for the same: Now know ye, that I, the said Thomas Turner sheriff of the [county of] Rensselaer aforesaid, by virtue of the writ aforesaid to me directed and delivered as aforesaid, and by force of the statute [in such] case made and provided, have granted, bargained and sold, and by these presents do grant [bargain, sell, and set] over unto the said Martin Van Buren his heirs and assigns, all and singular the aforesaid [premises] and every part thereof, with the hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging; and also, [all the estate,] right, title and interest which the said Benjamin Mallet & Abel Mallet had of, in or to the same, TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said premises and every part thereof, to the said Martin [Van Bur]en his heirs and assigns forever, as fully and absolutely as I the said Thomas Turner Esq. [Sheriff] of the County of Rensselaer aforesaid, might, would, or could do by virtue of the afor[said writ of Testa]tum Fieri Facias and by force of the statute in such case made and provided, or otherwise how[soev]er.

IN WITNESS whereof, I, the said Thomas Turner Sheriff of the County [aforesaid, have hereu]nto set my hand and seal this tenth day of April in the year of our Lord one [thousa]nd eight [hu]ndred and Nine

SEALED AND DELIVERED in presence of  
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Ths Turner Sheriff

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