Elisha Whittlesey et al. to MVB and Andrew Stevenson, 3 April 1834

E[lisha] Whittlesey et al. to [MVB] and [Andrew Stevenson], 3 April 1834


To the honorable, the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States.

The undersigned, members of Congress respectfully request, that the practise of sending or dealing out, ardent spirits, in the Capitol may be abolished, & that the introduction of it, into any of the rooms or other place or places in or about the capitol, may be prohibited.

  Ether Shepley William Hendricks
E Whittlesey L.F. Linn John Tipton
J. M Carty Nath Silsbee  
G. N Briggs   Arnold Naudain
Tho. Corwin Thomas Morris N.R. Knight
Joseph H Crane Hu. L.White A. Robbins
Th. M.T. McKennan E K Kane Benj Swift
  HA Muhlenberg Isaac Hill
J B Sutherland I. C. Bates  
D D. Wagener Geo. Evans Theo. Frelinghuysen
James Parker Geo. Grennell Jr. Saml. Prentiss.
J Sloane David Potts Junr G. Tomlinson
J.W. Huntington   Nathan Smith
Saml. Southard   Benning M. Bean
Peleg Sprague   Samuel F. Vinton
    Joseph M. Harper
Wm Wilkins   Humphrey Leavitt
J.m. Clayton   Joel K. Mann
Felix Grundy 22. Samuel Clark
John Murphy Twenty two  
  members of  
C Johnson the Senate. A. Beaumont
James Standifer   J. Miller
Chilton Allan    
Wm. Hiester   Edward Everett
Benja F. Deming   Tho. Chilton
Wm Clark   William Slade
R. Choate   William Jackson
Levi Lincoln   John Reed
    Ph: Dickerson
John. Thomson   Wm. Allen
Philn Thomas    
Robt. Mitchill   F.S. Schenck
Wm Patterson   E. Darlington
A Hawes   I.B. Vanhouten
John Laporte   Heman Allen
Joseph Duncan   D Wardwell
Harmar Denny   George W. Lay.
C.F. Mercer   James Turner
George Chambers   Jam. P. Heath
John Dickson   Sherm. Page
Wm W Ellsworth   Gideon Hard
Nicoll Halsey   Hiland Hall
S.G. Hathaway   Edwd. Howell
Henry A. Wise   John Adams
John W Brown   Sam W. Mardis
    Chs. Bodle
Edmd Deberry   H. Everett.
Dutee J. Pearce   Joseph Hall
C.A. Barnitz   John Chaney
Leod. Jarvis   J. McKinley
H C Martindale   S. Tweedy
Saml A. Foot   J.M. Bell
Ebenezer Young   A. Huntingtonl
David Spangler   Eighty Eight 88 <illegible> members
Chas. Slade   of the Ho. of Reps.



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Editorial Note:

Enclosed in Theodore Frelinghuysen to MVB, 27 June 1834.