MVB to Thomas Worth Olcott, 11 February 1827

MVB to T[homas] W[orth] Olcott, 11 February 1827


My dear friend,

I enclose you some papers to day which you will do me the favour to forward to the persons who ought to have them & which I can ascertain from the letter to me. We have the proceedings of the caucus. They have produced joy & sorrow in abundance. The administration are confounded by the unanimity <secured>. Their case is positively hopeless. My obligation to my friends & you among the rest are great & shall be repaired.

Make my best respects to Mr Knower & his & your families & believe me to be

Very sincerely your friend


P.S. Ask Mr Knower to write me immediately what he thinks of the wool bill It passed yesterday by the aid of the previous question. The Southern people are dreadfully excited. They say it is a sacrafice of their interests to satisfy the cupidity of Northern Manufactures & that the wool growers are the dupes in the affair. It is certainly a very strong measure. What its fate will be in the Senate is uncertain. I am disposed to protect the woollen Factories but am not very willing to commit highway robbery to effect the object. See that Mr Knower writes me directly or it will be too late.

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