James Alexander Hamilton to MVB, 21 February 1825

J[ames] A[lexander] H[amilton] to MVB, 21 February 1825

My dear Sir

Make use of the information of contained in this letter if useful (to yourself it will be a guide) but do not mention names. Varplanck yesterday in presence of my wife said Well Adams is a Clintonian I have received a letter from Washington informing me that Adams was in favor of Spencer. That In this state the Contest was between Mr Clinton & Mr Van Buren & his friends from the latter he had received nothing whereas the former had supported him & he therefor hoped Mr Spencer would succeed Verplanck added that he was requested to send that information to Albany. I merely said that this was a part of my <illegible> to <them> that there had been an understanding between Adams & Clinton which he did not <illegible> by saying he believed Clinton had him playing double.

Is not the Gentleman offered to the new administration <illegible> to <illegible> & understand <illegible> of <illegible> views & measures.

Write to me a few lines

when at leisure

Yours &c


Why cannot the notes between Crawford & Adams as to the <illegible> please be published. They must put Adams in an awkward situation.

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