Alonzo G. Hammond to MVB, 23 December 1824

Alonzo G. Hammond to MVB, 23 December 1824

Dear Sir

I have assertained that “Tom” a black man who you purchaised of <Fesburgh> & who quit you some 10 years since is now in the neighbourhood of Worcester Ms. There is yet some time before he is free as he is of that class which will be free July 4th 1827. He was when young a slave of my father and I think I can induce him to be of some service to me if own him. I therefore take the liberty to inquire whether you will sell him for a smal compensation. I cant think of giving much as there is some considerable risque in geting him at all & if I should get him it is doubtfull whether his services wold be worth much, however if you will take the trouble to write me with terms I will then tell you whether I will purchaise him or not & make the necessary arrangements to complete it. Please direct to Berlin Rensselaer County N.Y.

Very respectfully yrs &c.

A.G. Hammond


In MVB's hand: Wrote that if he could get him without violence I would take $50.

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